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Widespread Violence in Karachi

by on Apr.30, 2009, under Criticism, Pakistan

Unpleasantly specifying, at least 25 people have been killed and about 40 have been injured since the start of violent activities yesterday in Karachi.This situation is quite unexpected yet so depressing to discuss with any one. The controversial topic of Pashtun or Taliban is getting into the situation that isn’t been controlled by the law enforcing agencies(Although I am not sure whether they are even intending to do it or not). Since I had slept last night, I got about 10 SMS either to inquire about me or informing to take precautionary measures before leaving home.

Those who creating this chaotic situation, I am sure doesn’t belong to ethnic race of Pakistan. These riots are literal anti-pakistan group, intending to affect all the activities happening in Pakistan at domestic and international level. It is indeed embarrassing for the organizers to announce yet another postponement of their event.

Those who are somehow affiliated with FAST NU must be knowing that PROCOM.NET 2009 was first postponed to the next day. However I was just informed that PROCOM would just be a single day event due to the problematic situation. No one can imagine the efforts that would have been done by the student body for the two PROCOM days, that turned out to be an event of 1 day make them literally disappointed.

All exams under Intermediate board have also been postponed because of this situation. All business activities remain suspended today and even the Bank Personnel left at around 2 pm.

This is very well known hadith which has the moral that “Ruler of any place is as per the deeds of the citizens living in that place”. This implies that, a ruler of us can only be good if we are good as well. And If we would remain the same and won’t re-evaluate ourselves in terms of our religious and social activities, trust me nothing is going to change regardless of changing the current president to another.

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Ye Hum Nahin

by on Apr.05, 2009, under Blogs I Follow

I just read a post on the Five Rupees and thought about sharing it.

I think the author has pointed out very critical matter that should be clarified among Karachites, as we are being imposed to have this discriminative approach for our Pashtun Brothers.

I would also request you to spread this message to all.

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