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Hourly Crap

by on Jun.30, 2009, under life

We never realized studying after 1.5 years break, would be so difficult. It really took us a week to make our minds that we actually have to appear for the upcoming hourlies of the first semester of MBA. 

Decision Making as we studied in the “Principles of Management” is quite important in different phases of life =D (did we??) . The very first decision that went wrong was to study Principle of Management =D and from there the story began when “one-of-us” (Em, Stupefy, FEA and me of course) made his mind that MBA has nothing to do in our lives and QUITING MBA is the best possible option right now. 

We poor souls bent on our knees to request  “one-of-us” to forget about the idea of quiting MBA, that just aroused due to extraoridinary common facts explicitly written in the Management book just to tell as if we didn’t know them.  We tried our best to convince “one-of-us” but all efforts went in vain.

I don’t know what exactly (gayish thingee) between “two-of-us” happened because when we all returned back from Jumma Prayers, “one-of-us” announced that he will go for this semester and analyze the efforts required to do it.

Thanks to all 4 teachers who felt the heat and gave easier hourly exams. It was then decided that we aren’t quiting MBA.  

This is how hourly crap ended. =D

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ReVamp (0ne p0int Zer0)

by on Jun.21, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

Its been very long since I have posted here. It wasn’t just a quick decision to make but finally, i have revamped the out-look of this blog.I have been exploring some extra-ordinary features of My-SQL, PHP and of course WordPress. This change is just a glance of what I have learned so far. I ll try to add in here some of the features of it with small HOW-TO’s that could help any one in this CyberSpace.

Life is for sure not at its perfection. Things are just rushing into my life. Lots of tasks, assignments, decisions, troubles and tensions =).

A few updates include:

– Inspite of being WARNED by many victims around, I have planned for the MS SPM Plan from FAST.

– First ever Appraisal review of my career has been done. Lets see what is the outcome.

Obviously looking forward for the best of it =)


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