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Watch the difference

by on Oct.10, 2009, under World

There is no doubt that the Zionists and Anti-Muslim aren’t really scared of the quantity of the Muslims. However they are scared of that feeling of a Muslim that doesn’t have any fear of death. This statement by no means directs towards the non-muslims and the peace lovers but to those who discriminate Muslims for being a Muslim.

It was after a few weeks that I opened up the news-paper with the intention to update my self with the current affairs and found an interesting picture. I hope that it inspires you as well 🙂

Seena taan kar... dekhunga aankhon mein aakhein daal kar!

A Palestinian child showing agression to a fully equipped Israili Soldier

And the small child shows that its not the weapon that makes the difference. Its your courage and Imaan that actually makes the difference. May the Palestinian struggle and objective could be achieved and they get back peace in their home land. Ameen!

I am sorry for not updating my blog and obviously not reading yours. That is for sure due to my bad bad bad routine.

Don’t forget me in your prayers! Fi Amanillah!

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New Year Resolutions…

by on Jan.03, 2009, under Jinguism, life, Pakistan, Politics

Thought I haven’t been able to put up post over here for a quite long. The reasons were many including the tough time of my job. Another year has just passed carrying away a lot of sad incidents happened in the difference phases. A moment when our Nation is suffering from various issues like loadshedding, Terrorism, a series of pathetic leadership and economic crisis, we have almost lost our true identity.

Being a single Nation is something way too far from our descriminating thoughts. We literally are distributed among our various geographical locations and not united as a Nation. Anti-nationalists have been quite remarkable in persuing their objectives and promoting such chaotic situation.

Another year has just started my fellow readers and its time to bring a revolutionary change among us. Lets just not blame others, and take the step ourselves. It realy felt great while hearing a public service messge by a cellular service provider. I don’t remember the exact wordings but I would share the idea out it.

2008 has just ended wih lots of terrible incidents
New year of 2009 has just begun
Conservatives would say, nothing can be changed in Pakistan,
Curruption, dishonesty, frauds and problems like electricity loadshedding would remain there. 

Optimistic people will take it differently,
Problems can be solved if each of us could take the responsibility of it.
We stop giving the bribe, curruption would end up.
We stop being dishonest, their would be no sign of frauds.
We start saving electricity, Power break downs would lower down.
We stop wasting water, the shortage of water will be over.
We do not litter every place, the city would remain clean.
We stop recommending non-deserving people, every citizen will get merit.

 Trust me all such actions can revolutionize the whole system. Be the one to change your self. Be the one to bring awareness among us. 

Because altogether, WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. 

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