Hall of Shame

1984 to 1986
I was born on 24th of December 1984 in the peace land of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. My family planned to move to their homeland in ’86 and since I was too young to resist there was no other choice =D.  

It is no shame to tell you all that =P

1987 to 1988

Nothing important had happened to specify over here except that I was ready to be admitted in the school ;).

The worst thing I could have expected. lolx!

1989 to 1992
My siblings used to be in the Aisha Bawany School those days. But it was too far from my home for me to start with. As per my parents decision I was admitted to the Kids Primary School, that was quite near to my home yet 5 houses ahead =D. Haha!  

Unlike my mood at 1 pm for school to get over I used to scream and cry every other morning. All I remember was the surroundings and the environment that was disliked by me. Imagine I realized the importance of hygienic environment =P

1992 to 2001
One of the major incident that turned out to be quite important in my life was switching my school. It happened when my elder siblings were out of Aisha Bawany and my brother was alone. It was decided to move all the 3 boys of my house to White House Grammar School =)I started with the initial part of my primary schooling that was done by me as an extra ordinary student of my class. It all got ruined when I got into the Secondary part of it. Yes, Bacha huwa Jawan!! aur Hu gaya Ishq!!  

Heh!!True, but this was realized by me when I finally passed out the school, completing my Matriculation. And since then i started portraying my future!
Shame shame!!

2002 & 2003
The worst part of my life so far, when I had to wake up early and get through the poor public transport and the densely populated areas of Karachi. My good results of Matriculation made the CAP (Centralized Admission Policy) threw me to Govt. DJ Science College, Karachi. Hectic journey to the college, and then typical govt. style attitude of teachers had made me hate the college. 

To overcome my hatred-feelings I tried to be the part of extra curricular of my college and learned the art of Table Tennis =P.
Shame shame!!

2003 & 2007
Something I never had expected =P. Don’t know why I was being so good in getting through my aptitute tests that made me got into FAST NU. Though it was another place for which I hated DJ but I realized the fact
that I have to live with it

It began with lots of ragging and ajeeeb teachers. But somehow in the end of 1st Semester my luck brought me to doors of SIBSS, Software Information Books and Seminar Society.

It was all brilliant with the events like Brainstrom and the series of GET(Gaming Extreme Tournament) by SIBSS. It wasn’t just enough because I had been putting up my efforts in the organization of PROCOM, All Pakistan Programming and Software Competition. I ended up as President of SIBSS and Administrator of PROCOM in the last of my graduation.Although the upper part has no shame in it because with all this I was able to pass out with an acceptable CGPA of 2.51 which is for sure ACCEPTABLE for me.

And those who say SHAME ON YOU! Sorry I can’t hear you dost!!

2007 to Onwards

There is not much left to write since I had been working in TPS Pakistan in the Professional Services Team as Systems Engineer since the summer of 2007.

That’s all I had to write in my hall!! I have planned to include something interesting in it. Keep visiting!! =)

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