Payoneer No Longer available in Pakistan

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Somebody just shared the following post on the facebook.


I couldn’t stop myself clarifying this as per my little experience. This is indeed very depressing but things aren’t similar to what has been shown in that post.

I have been into the e-payment industry for about 3 years now which is being regulated by a dedicated E-Banking Team of State Bank of Pakistan(SBP). SBP, being one of the best and strict regulatory body of the world, keeps a very strong eye on these financial institutes.

I won’t disclose the names but yes, AML has been working with different financial institutes to incorporate processes that can eliminate the money laundering activities. SBP has been quite vigilant about the movement of funds and has been working with AML to avoid fraudulent transactions.

A country where almost all famous intl. payment services (like paypal) are avoiding to serve. This could be another discriminative step by US Govt as currently a great deal of freelancers were accepting through payoneer card. This would affect masses and eventually benefit the other freelancers in this region including India & Bangladesh.

Instead of protesting against the current govt. raise your voice to bycott American influence and their products. Hit them the way they are hitting us! They aren’t our friends neither can think good for us!

This is just an eye-opener.

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Watch the difference

by on Oct.10, 2009, under World

There is no doubt that the Zionists and Anti-Muslim aren’t really scared of the quantity of the Muslims. However they are scared of that feeling of a Muslim that doesn’t have any fear of death. This statement by no means directs towards the non-muslims and the peace lovers but to those who discriminate Muslims for being a Muslim.

It was after a few weeks that I opened up the news-paper with the intention to update my self with the current affairs and found an interesting picture. I hope that it inspires you as well 🙂

Seena taan kar... dekhunga aankhon mein aakhein daal kar!

A Palestinian child showing agression to a fully equipped Israili Soldier

And the small child shows that its not the weapon that makes the difference. Its your courage and Imaan that actually makes the difference. May the Palestinian struggle and objective could be achieved and they get back peace in their home land. Ameen!

I am sorry for not updating my blog and obviously not reading yours. That is for sure due to my bad bad bad routine.

Don’t forget me in your prayers! Fi Amanillah!

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Just another Inspirational Speech

by on Apr.12, 2009, under appreciate, Career, Cause, life, World

I just got the chance to watch this inspirational speech of Steve Jobs again that he delivered at Stanford Commencement. I suggest everyone watching this speech and specially those who are currently being affected by the joblessness.

Humesha ki tarha app k Feedback ka Talabgaar 😀

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Land of Peace

by on Feb.28, 2009, under Jinguism, life, Pakistan, World

I wonder why people discourage each other for living in this part of the world and claim it to be the most unsuccessful state on the earth.

I read an article by Auria Maqbool (a regular columnist of Express Newspaper) on 23rd Feb. You can also view it by clicking the link: Article

I hope after reading it you would also realize what exactly we should call an unsuccessful state. This is an eye-opener for those who still think my home-land has many problems and that are never-ending. Trust me the situation would have been so different for those who left this country and transferred their trillions to the other countries, only and only if the same investment had been done in the land of their own.

May Allah protect us from every single rupee of Interest based earnings. Although their isn’t any thing to laugh over it. But its quite amusing to know that the paki ppl are actually returning to Their-Peace-of-Land when they finally realized that they have already lost everything. That is indeed a matter of realization that they have found the difference in between their homes and a business world like Dubai. So Happy Home-Coming. God Bless all of us!

& .. for sure..
Hail the Land of Peace 🙂

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New outlook of my wordpress blog

by on Jan.24, 2009, under appreciate, World

I had been thinking of changing the theme of my WordPress blog. Every time it came into my mind, I started searching for a good theme. Specially while browsing the other blogs I was more interested in getting the link of the developer rather then reading ..*!@&#!*@&#@!#&)(!@#^&*@!#…
(Sorry for interruption)

Alright, so holy slowly I kept on searching the theme for about 2 months and then finally I decided to browse through the themes on wordpress.org in their featured projects.

After my AN-THUK hardwork Pixeled Theme designed by Uncle SAM inspired me with its not very simple but unique outlook. A few points that I kept in my mind while choosing this theme was its design, large area for the text-post, better readability and of course a nice footer to play with ads *wink*

By the way that is not it. I have also upgraded my WordPress from 2.6 to 2.7 which has made my back-office operations much more smoother. Its not that difficult to upgrade from any of the WordPress version. You better go through the tutorial and upgrade your wordpress 🙂

You definitely gonna love it! Hail the WordPress Team

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A depressing weekend..

by on Jan.11, 2009, under Cause, Criticism, Jinguism, life, World

It’s been many days to Israeli attacks now. The death count has been increasing every now and then. Unfortunately the attitude of the Muslims Countries including Pakistan, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia has been very discouraging. 

Americans as usual showed their typical diplomatic attitude and VITO-ing the resolution against Israel not realizing the fact how much destruction this war could cause in Palestine. But, do you even think Israel would have stopped if this resolution could have been approved in the General Council Session? NO. The whole world observed what America did after the resolution of attacking IRAQ was declined by the General Council. We all know what India has been doing in Kashmir, regardless of what UN resolutions state.

Even then, when the same General Council directs Pakistani Govt to cease any Organization in Pakistan, We are always ahead to do that. If Americans ask us to attack this group of People, just because thousands of miles away some of the Americans are in danger, we are always ahead to that.  The current situation of Gaza, Palestine is quite critical. The death toll has increased to 900 =( And what our so called Muslim leaders are doing… trying to get a resolution passed in UNO, calling an urgent session of OIC, REQUESTION the TERRORIST ISRAELI’s to cease fire. Trust me its all very depressing.

I just got a text message last night to vote on a POLL going on a website HERE. You are also requested to spare 2 minutes of yours and vote for the Palestine. I would also like to share the currents stas of the Poll. 


Stats of the Polls

Stats of the Polls

The above snapshot is the current situation of the POLL going on that website. Many people blame BUSH & Co. for being against the Muslims however these stats depict the real hatred of users who have voted from USA/Israel making it quite evident that the real hateness exist in the citizens of USA (so called peace lovers)

Any how, You must have been receiving a lot of emails though but lets just request you again. All these depressing moments are the EYE OPENERS. Let’s just not blame our government and step ahead to destroy USA & ISRAEL by: 

– Not going to any America/Israeli based Franchise Restaurant (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc.)
– Not using America/Israeli products (That includes chocolates, Dairy, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages)
– Stop using America/Israeli goods

We all know that boycott to Danish and Dutch products had really affected their economy. Let’s just take your step ahead and fight on this Platform. Let’s just pray altogether that we all could see the demolishing economy of America and Israel in the next few years.

God Bless all of you.

Just got a chance to watch a poem by an innocent Palestini Girl. Do Watch it By Clicking Here
or you can play it directly.

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And who says we aren't UNITED ?

by on Jan.05, 2009, under appreciate, Cause, Jinguism, World

I was just going through a blog post in which several pictures of Eid-ul-Adha & HAJJ for the years 2008 were posted. It is indeed a refreshing moment to watch all these pictures. Refresh your self by viewing all these pictures and strengthen your beliefs over Allah, who is the greatest of all. 

View these pictures HERE

Furthermore, being a Muslim keep your spirits high. Our faith to Allah is our key to success. Stay United and be Strong enough to betray the evil thoughts of Kuffars.

Because altogether, WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. 

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Raise Your Voice Against Israel

by on Jan.04, 2009, under Cause, World

Do you want a “Stop Israeli Terrorism” ribbon for your website/blog too?

Just add the following code to your website’s source code – but do remove the extra spaces in the ‘script’ tags:

Download the code from here

You are free to promote this cause.

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