Services resumed

by on Sep.03, 2009, under life

Those who visited my blog in the past few days must have noticed a suspension notice due to the expiry of my hosting plan. I am unable to post on my blog for quite long due to Semester presentations, mid terms, office routine, and now the Final exams.

Any how, Hosting plan has been renewed and I hope I would get back to my usual routine very very very very soon ūüôā

Till then remember me and my family in your special prayers of Ramadan. Don’t forget to pray for my Semester Finals too. ūüôā

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Hourly Crap

by on Jun.30, 2009, under life

We never realized studying after 1.5 years break, would be so difficult. It really took us a week to make our minds that we actually have to appear for the upcoming hourlies of the first semester of MBA. 

Decision Making as we studied in the “Principles of Management” is quite important in different phases of life =D (did we??) . The very first decision that went wrong was to study Principle of Management =D and from there the story began when “one-of-us” (Em, Stupefy, FEA and me of course) made his mind that MBA has nothing to do in our lives and QUITING MBA is the best possible option right now.¬†

We poor souls bent on our knees to request ¬†“one-of-us” to forget about the idea of quiting MBA, that just aroused due to extraoridinary common facts explicitly written in the Management book just to tell as if we didn’t know them. ¬†We tried our best to convince “one-of-us” but all efforts went in vain.

I don’t know what exactly (gayish thingee) between “two-of-us” happened because when we all returned back from Jumma Prayers, “one-of-us” announced that he will go for this semester and analyze the efforts required to do it.

Thanks to all 4 teachers who felt the heat and gave easier hourly exams. It was then decided that we aren’t quiting MBA. ¬†

This is how hourly crap ended. =D

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by on Jun.22, 2009, under appreciate, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Many of us have already shared their thoughts of the recent victory of Pakistan. It was a memorable win by Pakistani Cricket Team against Srilanka which is yet another Asian Team, making it very clear around the globe that Asians are too good at this kind of cricket. (including the last world cup b/w Pakistan n India)

Afridi, Gul, Kamran, Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ajmal are all the names that really come with the best of their performances and eventually bringing the World Cup to their homes. It was totaly different experience watching this Final Match at a BIG SCREEN at Carlton Hotel, courtesy of my friend at Geo TV.  Wide Screen, Sound System, Crowd and the Evironment, all perfect for watching this Final Match. People after the match were too damn too excited and happy about the victory. It was good to see Karachites out of their homes, roaming around the city with literally no threat in their minds.

Celebrations like these show as how united and peaceful we are Alhumdulillah. Its just that a few blacksheeps have been creating descriminating thoughts among this truly alive Nation.

May Allah give them peace in their minds and make them think wisely. If not, Allah please make us get rid of these culprits. May Allah, bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan and we stay united as ONE SINGLE NATION.

I don’t really get time to write much now and try reading blogs I know. Just like that i was going through different blogs and found ¬†this_1 and¬†this_2 n this_3 (this post contains more pictures to watch and enjoy the victory) ¬†interesting and worth sharing. Hope you like them!

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I am NOT engaged

by on Jun.15, 2009, under life

After getting busted in the Principles of Management class, it was pre-decided that we will not do any tafreeh in the Maths class and would attend the lecture as a Pappuu bacha..

It all started when “Em“, took my cell fone.¬†Usually we (Em, Stupify and me) keep our facebook signed in on our mobiles. Any how Em¬†updated my status to for which I was unaware…..


I didn’t knew then and about 15 people commented within 10 minutes of this update and lots of them started congratulating me for this unexpected news. Some of them astonished ūüėČ and some sad about it…. lol

To add more glamour in this, intruders did another update that actually made everybody confirm that this new is a reality:


Even the intruder was responding to the comments of other people leaving no room to have any doubt. These two intruders did not gave me any chance to get hold of my cell phone for the next 2..3 hours.

And when I got hold my cell phone, I opened facebook and started writing

My cell phone has been finally handed over to me

arrrrrrrnd when i pressed POST, the ¬†same moment my cell fone said ba bye to me with a message “Battery Empty” …. i mean, ¬†it didn’t even say… Battery Low….. what the heck =(

I felt so helpless =(

Karta kya na karta .. i had to wait till i reach my home and clarify my lil cyberspace pals =) I ended up by updating the following status:


And that was the point when MANY ppl got relaxed =D =P

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by on Jun.08, 2009, under life

I haven’t been able to post here for a while due to my hectic schedule at work. And “ooper sey soney pey suhaga” MBA Classes have started on weekends. Ad finally I got to know that the definitation of WEEKEND is no more valid for me ¬†for the next 3 *years*.

Its been quite good to be at IoBM with two my FASTian batch mates and an office colleague. It doesn’t really get boring when it comes to the point that you have nothing to do. But just to clarify that, we don’t really get the point where I could say HAVE-NOTHING-TO-DO. ¬†Its because one session is of 3 hours with just 15 mins break giving us no time to think of any thing else. But still I do get enough time in the Maths class to update statuses on facebook, as this lecture is a bit ajeeb sa!

Any how, much about IoBM. Just like that I thought about adding yet-another-motivational-picture or a video but I was too afraid to get a comment like what Em got (Read the first Comment). And that’s the reason I decided ¬†posting something of my own. As always, I am thankful to Em who saved me from Rambler(s) =D

But Any how I am waiting for the corrections in my post … haha!!


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You have no choice =)

by on May.25, 2009, under Career, life

While being depressed because of the situation at work these days, one of my colleague sent this joke today:




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Another One

by on May.14, 2009, under Career, life

Dear Readers* I will be leaving for an international deployment tomorrow and might not be able read your blogs. I didn’t say that I won’t be able to write much cuz I haven’t been able to write much specially during weekdays.¬†

Any how it all planned in a hurry, when I got a call from my Team Lead that I have to leave this friday. Alhough it wasn’t the (tomorrow wala) friday but the previous (8th May wala) one since the visa process almost took a week giving me time to mentally prepare for it.

It would be second one of mine to meet the new faces and to sell my “chooran” … lol. Although it isn’t a typical chooran but the way we do isn’t different from the exact selling of “chooran”. Any how lets not just go into much of the details or otherwise I might not be posting for the 3rd one =P.¬†

Wish me luck for the upcoming deployment and remember me in your prayers.

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Total Sannata =|

by on May.12, 2009, under life

We observed yet-another day with the scary feeling of the 12th may incident. Although keeping in view the incidents of past month, provincial government had declared an official holiday in the Sindh Province. However all those (like me) who work for organizations that comes under the Federal Govt had to attend their office as per normal routine. =( =(

Any how I just wanted to share a snaps that shows the traffic-less road of Karachi at the time when this roads is fully loaded with cars and the public transport.

Old Sabzi Mandi to Hassan Sq Road

Old Sabzi Mandi to Hassan Sq Road

I took this picture at around 6:30 pm when usually the pace of the traffic at this road is quite slow.

Thanks to Rambler for returning back the camera at this instant and letting me capturing this moment. Nevertheless, some people try to look as busy as BEE. I wonder how important is ‘posing just to look busy’ ignoring the fact the desktop is locked. But we will not blame the upcoming star for this as these kind of kiddish mistakes are even observed in the Commercials played on TV, and this is just jingoist.pk .. =D


Em at work

Em … you are the upcoming star of Ufone Adv =D

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An interesting conversation between two Muslims

by on Apr.16, 2009, under Cause, Criticism, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Conversation between two very old Muslims friends namely Ibad and Abdullah that I received through a forwarded email. Read it till end…. I am sure you gonna like it!

Ibad : Oh my GOD , abdullah is that you !!! whats wrong ? you’ve becomemullah and why have you grown a beard ?

Abdulllah : bother it is just that our prophet (pbuh) commanded us to grow
a beard.

Ibad : you are brain-washed , tell me where in the quran does it say ?
Abdullah : It says many times in quran “Obey Allah and Obey his messenger”

Ibad : I fear you are becoming extremist
Abdullah : islam means to submit your will to GOD, if practicing it 100% is extremism then thats what our beloved prophet (PBUH) did.

Ibad : I mean there should be a balance between deen and dunya, you should get education which islam commands to do.
Abdullah :I agree but i have completed 16 years of worldly education but i
don’t even have one year of religious education.

Ibad : Most of the madressa’s and religious schools teach extremism and
develop terrorist
Abdullah :Can you name any 5 madressa or religious schools ?

Ibad : I really don’t know , but why are you asking ?
Abdullah : You don’t even know the names then how can you comment on them so confidently ?

Ibad : Recently i heard news of violence in one madressa, rest are same.
Abdullah : You mean due to the firing incident in virginia tech is it fair
to say that all western universities are the same ?

Ibad : There is no compulsion in religion then why you people preach others
Abdullah : This verse of quran in only for non-muslims, its another misconception.

Ibad :Every one is responsible for own deeds ok!
Abdullah :its mentioned 9 times in quran to “enjoin what is good and forbid
what is wrong”

Ibad : Stop doing tableegh to me now
Abdullah : Quran says “The most successful group of people are those who
invite others to right and stop them from wrong”

Ibad : but you cant use force.
Abdullah : A hadith says “If you have authority stop evil with your hand,
if not then use your tongue & if you cant do that then at least consider it
bad in your heart”

Ibad : Please try not to teach me islam, i know very well and can solve my
Abdullah : Why then do you go to a doctor when your child is seriously ill
and take multiple opinions ? why cant you solve that as well ?

Ibad : We are living in 21st century , you are thinking backwards, my wife
is a working women and has done MBA
Abdullah : Women are used as marketing tools in organizations to trap
customers and increase sales.

Ibad : What non-sense they are equal opportunity employers
Abdullah : But why then all receptionists are females ?

Ibad :Look at USA they have given freedom to women not us
Abdullah : 90% of females in USA have lost virginity before even passing
school, is this freedom or degradation ?

Ibad : Why do we oppress women by keeping them behind bars of hijab ?
Abdullah : Do you mean our beloved prophet (pbuh) wives were oppressed
because they covered as commanded in surah-ahzab ?

Ibad : That was a different time 1400 years back
Abdullah : Quran is for entire humanity and science is proving the verses
today. its the most modern book dear.

Ibad : I am going ,i fear you will blow me up. take care
Abdullah : You are hiding your secularism by mixing me with those who are a
small misguided minority. Allah hafiz brother.

NOTE: The conversation is not a real story but the aforementioned exchanges of arguments are very common indeed

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Just another Inspirational Speech

by on Apr.12, 2009, under appreciate, Career, Cause, life, World

I just got the chance to watch this inspirational speech of Steve Jobs again that he delivered at Stanford Commencement. I suggest everyone watching this speech and specially those who are currently being affected by the joblessness.

Humesha ki tarha app k Feedback ka Talabgaar ūüėÄ

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