A birthday that would never come

by on Jan.25, 2013, under life

I still recall the days when i was actually planning for your birthday. Whether it be your home or office, I tried my best so that you could feel the best out of everything I did on your birthday. I literally wanted it to be the best memory of your life and I bet, no one could have done it better than that.

Unfortunately,I did get all those notifications that I had configured for this year to make sure I don’t forget this day. But at times, good bye is the only way.  I know you never liked that sad ghazal I used to listen, but if you get a chance, do listen to this ghazal of Jagjit “terey hathon sey likhay khat mein jalata kasiey” that ends with the following shair:

terey khat ajj mein ganga mein baha ayaa hun .. .. .. aag behtey huwe panee mein lagaya hun

And yes how can I forget to congratulate you for having your dream come true of leaving the land of Pure. You said it right that nobody can change the nature of a person because I am wondering how different a Canadian could be, in making you act like a sane person.

I honestly, thank Allah SWT for being with a person who has amazing personality. A person who is honest, humble, caring and after all accepts me the way I am. Hence doesn’t want to mold me into another character that I don’t belong to.

I am glad that I am living a LIFE now.  A life that really has my own space.


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Rights of Women

by on Jan.14, 2011, under Cause, Criticism, life

Fake Characters of a True Story:

Candidate Name: Saira (A girl who practice Hijab)

Hiring Manager: Fahad (A liberal mind-set individual working for this organization)

HR Personnel: Anum (Recently joined as HR Executive in this organization)

Organization: A leading software house of Pakistan, currently doing projects with Local and International Agencies

Story: Saira applied for that company and got an interview call from that organization. She was interviewed by the technical managers and found to be qualified for the opening she applied. It was then asked from HR Team to process her appointment that was bound with a clause. Anum was asked to inquire Saira if she can remove Hijab or otherwise they cannot offer her a job. Anum refused to ask such a question and so as Saira’s appointnment.


  • Isn’t it a right of women to wear hijab and practice religion when she is at work ?
  • Why Women Activists are only found where there are discussions about the liberty of women ?
  • Why can’t I see anyone stand by those women who are not being accepted when practicing their religion ?
  • Why our Women Right activists do not criticize these kind of sick minded literates ?

I won’t be able to find answers of these questions because most probably we don’t even know what are the right of a Women . No wonder, Islam is the only religion that realizes the importance of a women. I wish and hope our so called women rights activists, realize the same and promote the actual rights of Women.

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Year 2010

by on Dec.22, 2010, under life

Suddenly it is December……again – and we realize those giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2010 is on its back!

A big “Thank You” to each and every one of you, for the impact you had on my life this year. Especially for the wonderful Friendship.

without you, I’m sure that 2010 would have been extremely boring.

From my side I wish you all a magical Festive Season filled with Loving Wishes and Beautiful Thoughts.

May 2011 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures.

And to those who need someone special, may you find true happiness

To those who need money, may your finances overflow

To those who need caring, may you find a good heart

To those who need friends, may you meet lovely people

 And to those who play Golf, may the Marker give you lesser and lesser strokes 

To those who need life, may you find ALLAH

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Migrating myspace

by on Sep.01, 2010, under life, Pakistan

Its been really long that I have posted here! There were two reasons actually. One was my hectic job routine in the month of July that lasted till the first week of august ended. Second was my domain and web hosting plan expiry. It was expiring in August and I was exploring few options that could fulfil my needs.

Then I came to know about Pi Labs that is providing these services at a very low cost. I renewed my domain and got the new hosting plan from them. I had to move everything carefully because of the numerous services running including 2 blogs (another for my friend), mysql/php freelance work that I had been doing and my little portfolio.

A few updates from myside are that I am currently on vacations and enjoying my time with my family in Karachi. I am going to join back @work after Eid InshAllah. A lot of incidents occured recently that had embarked a negative impression to that rest of the world. Killing of 2 brothers in Sialkot, Airblue incident, Flood situation, target killings in Karachi are few of them.

I wonder where we as a nation are heading towards. I wonder why government isn’t ashamed of what image they have created for themselves, while international aids aren’t been giving through government channels. I wonder how this flood has affected our routines. And I wonder when we would realize that such incidents are Azaab-e-Ilahi and not just natural disaster.

May Allah give hidayat to us, and let us understand what nature is trying to make us feel about the situation. Fi Amanillah!

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Financial Assistance Required – Special Medical Case of Three Kids

by on Jul.05, 2010, under Jinguism, life, Pakistan

The below request was sent by Mr. Shahid Zubair of Lahore-Pakistan, the father of 3 kids. Afterward Maria Memon (GEO TV) went to meet the family and prepared a report, which is attached in the form of a video for your kind perusal and consideration.

They are as beautiful and beloved as our children at home. These two affected children are the assets of this Nation, that is known to be ‘Zinda Dil Qaum’. I would humbly request you to help them and spread the word by any means. Please Spread it through social media, through posting it on the notice boards (of your organization/university), by emailing within your organization and your friends. Please spread it the way you would want to do it for your own brother & sister.

May God Bless You and Your Families.


To Honorable Sir,

This is my last attempt to gain HELP to save lives of my 3 kids, as all my requests to Govt Officials and Donors were not responded as I expected.

I have three kids, 12 old years Nida (Daughter), 10 years old Ahmad (son) and 5 years old Eman (daughter), all suffering from some auto immune disorder disease or some type of muscular dystrophy, due to which 2 of them (elder ones) are unable to walk now whereas Eman my 3rd kid is threatened by this disease and will loose her ability to walk.

In Pakistan no proper diagnosis, cure and treatment is available. We requested various authorities for financial assistance but no response is received as yet. We are not receiving any medical assistance and facility from any of the Medical Institutions in Pakistan being as a special case.

As Pakistani doctors have opinions that no treatment is available in Pakistan but it can be cured only abroad…. but my resources are very limited. I am a white collar person. I cannot afford the treatment and various diagnostic costs available outside Pakistan. I do not beg people but on the other side as being a father not having the required resources, would need your generous donations and contribution, as my entire family has a great hope that my kids will start walking again on their own feet.

Sir, you are a kind person, your attention can change our life.Kindly help us, with the blessings of Allah. We are sure that our kids will become normal and they will defeat the disease.

We have received an invitation from Dallas Hospital USA with a ray of hope for their treatment, and 25th August 2010 is the date the of appointment. The cost of treatment per child will be Rs.2,500,000/- (which is approx. US$ 30,000/- for each kid, travel included).

Please HELP us and kindly give attention to our APPEAL as we are in dire need of your generous contribution. Unfortunately, our Government is not helping me out at all.

My kids asked me, “Baba, shall we recover?”. I have to ensure them YES.

Our wishes and dreams to survive, will only come true by your personnel attention. We need approximately Rs 7.5 million on an urgent basis from any donor, which is not big for you and not for our Allah to arrange for us. Being a Pakistani citizen, my last hope is lying with you. I know you have lot of other work to do but kindly pay attention to our request.

With very best regards

Shahid Zubair

576 L Block Johar Town Lahore.
Pakistan. Ph No: 0092-323-4705247
Email: s_zubair@hotmail.com
Date 29/05/2010

Bank Account:
NIB Bank A/C No.0403-0046205-0010

UBL, Johar Town Branch, Lahore: 010-0779-2

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Easypaisa :: Mobile Account

by on Feb.24, 2010, under E-Banking, life

Forget about carrying the paper money ; why bother about the plastic one either …. Your phone has replaced your wallet with EasyPaisa “Mobile account” service … 🙂

Following the phenomenal success of easypaisa and it services like Bill Payment and Money Transfer, Telenor has introduced another artground breaking service for its subscribers called “easypaisa Mobile Accounts”. Using “easypaisa Mobile Accounts” Telenor subscribers will now be able to pay bills, transfer money, check their balance and use many more services from their own mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

This service will let you imagine

A wallet without money
A mobile full of money 🙂

You can find more details on easypaisa website


All the best easypaisa 🙂

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by on Feb.19, 2010, under Cause, life

A Host was interviewing a renowned personality of that time in front of a large audience. Host asked that person to advice the new generation in view of your experiences and observations. That person responded, “I won’t go for a long speech and just advice one thing……… ‘Whatever you do, Do it with perfection (Kamal-e-Husn)’……”

Somebody from audience who (may be) had a grudge against that person, gave a loud comment addressing the personality:

“No matter you are at this high place now, don’t forget that you used to polish the shoes in the city”

That personality responded the commentator by saying:

“Indeed! I have no shame to tell everyone that I used to polish shoes in the city……But do remember that, even at that time there was no one in the city who could polish the shoes with the perfection… that I had”

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A lil update

by on Feb.07, 2010, under Career, life

I am really sorry for not updating my blog for quite long due to some new things happened in my life. =)

It wasn’t something bad but it happened to be quite hectic somehow. Starting with the job switching, I have resigned from TPS Pakistan and joined Telenor Pakistan in the EasyPaisa Team..

Last day at TPS was followed by the final exams of my MBA (2nd Semester). Yeah, I have suspended my MBA so far…. and probably going to continue it in Islamabad :), and yes again… I have relocated to Islamabad for my new Job 🙂

So all that scene with last days at TPS, final exams, shopping and packing for relocating to Isb.. really made it hectic for me. Alhumdulillah its been almost a month at the new job and everything seems so good. After all there is no John =P and nor his companions. Yayyy!!

I was here in Karachi for spending the long weekend and going to fly back tonight!! That’s all from my end till now. My next pending task is the update of Hall of Shame 😉 and another post about *****… lol
I hope everyone is doing fine in this cyberspace.

Fi Amanillah!!

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Atleast become a Human

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Criticism, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Truth, Human Rights, Respect etc

are something known to any literate person on the earth. We as a human know how to speak truth, how to give appropriate rights, and how to give respect. Although many of these kind of attributes have been strongly recommended in most of the religion including Islam. However such basic attributes of a Human are not linked with any Religion, Location or culture.

We as a Human must ask these questions to our self. Being a Muslim is something far away. Are we even a Human Being who can answer these questions to our self.

And if we know the answers, why have we kept our ethical values aside?
Why don’t we
show patience while driving ?
stop throwing trash on the roads ?
stop bribing ? and

Why don’t we realize that eventually we have to see our Lord, Allah who is the greatest of all! And that moment will not let us re-think about all we had done.

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The Lucy Pun of John

by on Nov.06, 2009, under Career, Criticism, life

After a long long time, I am back with the tale of John. Though I wish John would be a cheeta and could really have a real tail to wag. Because that is the only thing John can do. It was quite OKAY a few months back when John introduced a new strategy and decided not to let me sit on my seat. I along with one of my mate were asked to meet selected people on regular basis and were made solely responsible.

I didn’t complain because this was eventually making me stay away from John’s extraordinary bright Managerial decisions. I started working with the new strategy for few a few weeks when the other mate of mine started having trouble with his assignment. After all he was the friend of John and John couldn’t see him in the trouble.

Just to bring his friend out of this situation, John decided to throw me in the sinking ship (full of problems) and my sakooon is barbad again! I have no problems in completing any difficult assignments but, I need to know what is the performance evaluation criteria. Its unfair to ease one persons life and throw the other one into titanic.

All I can do is mourn about John’s explicitly biased decisions that have been continuously making my life terrible. May Allah take him to a place where I can’t even hear his voice! Summa Ameen!

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