Killing of honor

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Take it as a disclaimer that by no means I want to support Salman Taseer for his blasphemy act. I am just trying to highlight how fake our love is.

A person got killed in the capital city by his own guard. No matter whoever it was. No matter what he said. He shouldn’t have been punished the way it has been done. In the opionion of many people around us,  all that happened was something that they wanted.


But may I know what the heck we were doing when the blasphemy act was done by Salman Taseer ??  Probably sitting at home and waiting for somebody who could kill him … Right ? I mean no body came out on the roads…. no body protested… no journalist raised his voice, no lawyer stood up and sorry to say, no Suo Moto notice was taken by any Judge. Is this how meaningless love to our Prophet is ??

Answer yourself:
If such blasphemy act by any means had affected our love, how come we were waiting for something to happen itself ?
if it is the only responsibility of Usman Qadri to show his love to his Prophet.
How would we forgive ourself by throwing Usman Qadri into jail and sitting ourself at home and thinking ‘acha huwa jo huwa’
Why didn’t we stood up ourself and SUE Salman Taseer, when we knew constitution could handle such clauses.

Sorry my fellows, we have dual standards. We don’t love Muhammad (PBUH) the way we should. We want things to be done automatically which is not the case in the real world.

Secondly, no one has right to take law into their own hands. If you think something is not being handled properly, go and get those judges that were resotred in the name of justice. Islam do not allow such killing of honors unless proven by the state judiciary system. I would be glad to have an example during the Khilafah regime when somebody was punished unless proven by the court of those times.

Stop being diplomatic. Start loving your prophet not just by killing someone. Love your prophet in a way:

  • That shows from your appearance that you are a prophet lover
  • That spreads peace and prosperity
  • That firm your beliefs in the light of Quran and Sunnah
  • That could actually make everyone say, MashAllah, how good a Muslim is.

May All give us courage, awareness, hidayat for spreading peace and truth and not the hatred environment.

God Bless all of us.

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by on Oct.19, 2010, under Cause, Jinguism, Politics

In the near past, a sequence of incidents have brutally affected every single Pakistani. We experienced a plane crash that is yet to be investigated. We were hit by a massive flood. Northen part of the country has already experienced 2 minor quakes. A group of people found guilty in the killing of two innocents boys of Sialkot. Bomb Blasts at Data Darbar and Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Our so called elected MPAs and MNAs are found to be ineligible due to their fake degrees.

But wait… what all this has changed in us ??? 

Why the heck I am listing all these incidents that are not just natural disasters. Regardless of the fact that we have already been hit by an Azaab-e-Ilaahi (so called natural disaster) we are back to evilish acts. For heaven’s sake, flood victims do not have any thing to do with your concerts/carnivals and marrathons. They need your support and not your dance parties on the name of fund raising. Why don’t we realize that we are responsible for these events.

There were incidents reported for the forced collection of Eidi by Police from the citizens. Inspite of realizing the span of the disaster our political leaders are busy collecting the aid to re-sell it. Instead of contributing for the flood victims, our politicians are having lavish dinners for the Angelina Julie. The sad part is that they are the ones we have elected. Shame on us because we brought them to their positions. Yes, we brought them by giving votes to them or by not giving vote against them.

Those who did not cast their vote are equally responsible of bringing them to the Assembly. At times, when you are attempting a question in exam, you don’t really find the best answer out of 5. But for the sake of attempting, you do choose the least bad answer. Please do not keep your votes uncasted. Your sigle vote can bring alot of change to this homeland.

All my fellows, friends and well wishers. Spread the right word by the word of mouth, your blogs, and by any social media you can. We must bring this change among us. We must get-back-2-track for the sake of this country. May Allah help us.

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Financial Assistance Required – Special Medical Case of Three Kids

by on Jul.05, 2010, under Jinguism, life, Pakistan

The below request was sent by Mr. Shahid Zubair of Lahore-Pakistan, the father of 3 kids. Afterward Maria Memon (GEO TV) went to meet the family and prepared a report, which is attached in the form of a video for your kind perusal and consideration.

They are as beautiful and beloved as our children at home. These two affected children are the assets of this Nation, that is known to be ‘Zinda Dil Qaum’. I would humbly request you to help them and spread the word by any means. Please Spread it through social media, through posting it on the notice boards (of your organization/university), by emailing within your organization and your friends. Please spread it the way you would want to do it for your own brother & sister.

May God Bless You and Your Families.


To Honorable Sir,

This is my last attempt to gain HELP to save lives of my 3 kids, as all my requests to Govt Officials and Donors were not responded as I expected.

I have three kids, 12 old years Nida (Daughter), 10 years old Ahmad (son) and 5 years old Eman (daughter), all suffering from some auto immune disorder disease or some type of muscular dystrophy, due to which 2 of them (elder ones) are unable to walk now whereas Eman my 3rd kid is threatened by this disease and will loose her ability to walk.

In Pakistan no proper diagnosis, cure and treatment is available. We requested various authorities for financial assistance but no response is received as yet. We are not receiving any medical assistance and facility from any of the Medical Institutions in Pakistan being as a special case.

As Pakistani doctors have opinions that no treatment is available in Pakistan but it can be cured only abroad…. but my resources are very limited. I am a white collar person. I cannot afford the treatment and various diagnostic costs available outside Pakistan. I do not beg people but on the other side as being a father not having the required resources, would need your generous donations and contribution, as my entire family has a great hope that my kids will start walking again on their own feet.

Sir, you are a kind person, your attention can change our life.Kindly help us, with the blessings of Allah. We are sure that our kids will become normal and they will defeat the disease.

We have received an invitation from Dallas Hospital USA with a ray of hope for their treatment, and 25th August 2010 is the date the of appointment. The cost of treatment per child will be Rs.2,500,000/- (which is approx. US$ 30,000/- for each kid, travel included).

Please HELP us and kindly give attention to our APPEAL as we are in dire need of your generous contribution. Unfortunately, our Government is not helping me out at all.

My kids asked me, “Baba, shall we recover?”. I have to ensure them YES.

Our wishes and dreams to survive, will only come true by your personnel attention. We need approximately Rs 7.5 million on an urgent basis from any donor, which is not big for you and not for our Allah to arrange for us. Being a Pakistani citizen, my last hope is lying with you. I know you have lot of other work to do but kindly pay attention to our request.

With very best regards

Shahid Zubair

576 L Block Johar Town Lahore.
Pakistan. Ph No: 0092-323-4705247
Email: s_zubair@hotmail.com
Date 29/05/2010

Bank Account:
NIB Bank A/C No.0403-0046205-0010

UBL, Johar Town Branch, Lahore: 010-0779-2

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Appreciations that I received

by on Jun.16, 2010, under appreciate, Cause, Jinguism

I got an unexpected response for my last most critic post about 1st Annual Blog Awards from the readers . Some of them were extraordinary supportive that I couldn’t stop being senti=| I am greatful to those commentators who have shared their opinions against that post. Just wanted to share some of the comments that were really amazing and gave inspiration none of its kind:

  • I just wanted you to know that there people like me who really appreciate for bringing this up and voicing your opinion
  • good journalism shows us all the sides of an issue.
  • @jingoists Great post.
  • Its really very brave of you
  • I was feeling the same thing for a long time.
  • Courage to speak truth is indeed a big thing, do not ever lose it.
  • I didn’t dare say anything because most of the people are my friends and yet you did
  • Its the same people everytime and they only promote their own people- very few can point out this as its one powerful group

I kept them anonymous because, most of the comments belong to the people who are friends of those who I have strongly criticized in my post earlier. So Stand up Bloggers!! Its time to spread the truth regardless if its bitter for our dearest friends. We have bigger responsibilities then just keeping our friends happy. As described by Awab Alvi in the latest episode of laidbackshow episode 20 that CIO people are sweet by nature and they want to keep their friends happy.

ps: this is just a request that we shoudn’t start criticizing to that extent that we forget to appreciate things happening around us. All the best!

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Atleast become a Human

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Criticism, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Truth, Human Rights, Respect etc

are something known to any literate person on the earth. We as a human know how to speak truth, how to give appropriate rights, and how to give respect. Although many of these kind of attributes have been strongly recommended in most of the religion including Islam. However such basic attributes of a Human are not linked with any Religion, Location or culture.

We as a Human must ask these questions to our self. Being a Muslim is something far away. Are we even a Human Being who can answer these questions to our self.

And if we know the answers, why have we kept our ethical values aside?
Why don’t we
show patience while driving ?
stop throwing trash on the roads ?
stop bribing ? and

Why don’t we realize that eventually we have to see our Lord, Allah who is the greatest of all! And that moment will not let us re-think about all we had done.

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by on Jun.22, 2009, under appreciate, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Many of us have already shared their thoughts of the recent victory of Pakistan. It was a memorable win by Pakistani Cricket Team against Srilanka which is yet another Asian Team, making it very clear around the globe that Asians are too good at this kind of cricket. (including the last world cup b/w Pakistan n India)

Afridi, Gul, Kamran, Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ajmal are all the names that really come with the best of their performances and eventually bringing the World Cup to their homes. It was totaly different experience watching this Final Match at a BIG SCREEN at Carlton Hotel, courtesy of my friend at Geo TV.  Wide Screen, Sound System, Crowd and the Evironment, all perfect for watching this Final Match. People after the match were too damn too excited and happy about the victory. It was good to see Karachites out of their homes, roaming around the city with literally no threat in their minds.

Celebrations like these show as how united and peaceful we are Alhumdulillah. Its just that a few blacksheeps have been creating descriminating thoughts among this truly alive Nation.

May Allah give them peace in their minds and make them think wisely. If not, Allah please make us get rid of these culprits. May Allah, bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan and we stay united as ONE SINGLE NATION.

I don’t really get time to write much now and try reading blogs I know. Just like that i was going through different blogs and found  this_1 and this_2 n this_3 (this post contains more pictures to watch and enjoy the victory)  interesting and worth sharing. Hope you like them!

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Yet another Motivational Video

by on May.09, 2009, under Jinguism, Pakistan

Yup, and this time its our Elite SSG Commandos in action. Its honour to be the part of such forces who are living their lives to protect the borders of Pakistan. I don’t think they need much of the explanations. We all know Pakistan Army is the best and capable enough to beating any other Army of the world.

All those who think, Pakistan is a fail state. Don’t mess with `em. =D =P

Hail Pakistan Army!!

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The real/true face of Pakistan

by on May.03, 2009, under Cause, Jinguism, Pakistan

(Courtesy of PointCricketCom)

PAKISTAN IS AS SAFE/UNSAFE AS ANY OTHER PLACE IN THIS WORLD! The video clip shows a Pakistan that is largely hidden from the public eye in the West. Without doubt, religious extremism, some decadent Madressahs and violence exist in Pakistan but such symbols are not entirely representative of Pakistan – rich cultural heritage, architectural
This is an effort to show this side of the coin as well.

Courtesy of PointCricket (www.pointcricket.com)

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An interesting conversation between two Muslims

by on Apr.16, 2009, under Cause, Criticism, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Conversation between two very old Muslims friends namely Ibad and Abdullah that I received through a forwarded email. Read it till end…. I am sure you gonna like it!

Ibad : Oh my GOD , abdullah is that you !!! whats wrong ? you’ve becomemullah and why have you grown a beard ?

Abdulllah : bother it is just that our prophet (pbuh) commanded us to grow
a beard.

Ibad : you are brain-washed , tell me where in the quran does it say ?
Abdullah : It says many times in quran “Obey Allah and Obey his messenger”

Ibad : I fear you are becoming extremist
Abdullah : islam means to submit your will to GOD, if practicing it 100% is extremism then thats what our beloved prophet (PBUH) did.

Ibad : I mean there should be a balance between deen and dunya, you should get education which islam commands to do.
Abdullah :I agree but i have completed 16 years of worldly education but i
don’t even have one year of religious education.

Ibad : Most of the madressa’s and religious schools teach extremism and
develop terrorist
Abdullah :Can you name any 5 madressa or religious schools ?

Ibad : I really don’t know , but why are you asking ?
Abdullah : You don’t even know the names then how can you comment on them so confidently ?

Ibad : Recently i heard news of violence in one madressa, rest are same.
Abdullah : You mean due to the firing incident in virginia tech is it fair
to say that all western universities are the same ?

Ibad : There is no compulsion in religion then why you people preach others
Abdullah : This verse of quran in only for non-muslims, its another misconception.

Ibad :Every one is responsible for own deeds ok!
Abdullah :its mentioned 9 times in quran to “enjoin what is good and forbid
what is wrong”

Ibad : Stop doing tableegh to me now
Abdullah : Quran says “The most successful group of people are those who
invite others to right and stop them from wrong”

Ibad : but you cant use force.
Abdullah : A hadith says “If you have authority stop evil with your hand,
if not then use your tongue & if you cant do that then at least consider it
bad in your heart”

Ibad : Please try not to teach me islam, i know very well and can solve my
Abdullah : Why then do you go to a doctor when your child is seriously ill
and take multiple opinions ? why cant you solve that as well ?

Ibad : We are living in 21st century , you are thinking backwards, my wife
is a working women and has done MBA
Abdullah : Women are used as marketing tools in organizations to trap
customers and increase sales.

Ibad : What non-sense they are equal opportunity employers
Abdullah : But why then all receptionists are females ?

Ibad :Look at USA they have given freedom to women not us
Abdullah : 90% of females in USA have lost virginity before even passing
school, is this freedom or degradation ?

Ibad : Why do we oppress women by keeping them behind bars of hijab ?
Abdullah : Do you mean our beloved prophet (pbuh) wives were oppressed
because they covered as commanded in surah-ahzab ?

Ibad : That was a different time 1400 years back
Abdullah : Quran is for entire humanity and science is proving the verses
today. its the most modern book dear.

Ibad : I am going ,i fear you will blow me up. take care
Abdullah : You are hiding your secularism by mixing me with those who are a
small misguided minority. Allah hafiz brother.

NOTE: The conversation is not a real story but the aforementioned exchanges of arguments are very common indeed

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Land of Peace

by on Feb.28, 2009, under Jinguism, life, Pakistan, World

I wonder why people discourage each other for living in this part of the world and claim it to be the most unsuccessful state on the earth.

I read an article by Auria Maqbool (a regular columnist of Express Newspaper) on 23rd Feb. You can also view it by clicking the link: Article

I hope after reading it you would also realize what exactly we should call an unsuccessful state. This is an eye-opener for those who still think my home-land has many problems and that are never-ending. Trust me the situation would have been so different for those who left this country and transferred their trillions to the other countries, only and only if the same investment had been done in the land of their own.

May Allah protect us from every single rupee of Interest based earnings. Although their isn’t any thing to laugh over it. But its quite amusing to know that the paki ppl are actually returning to Their-Peace-of-Land when they finally realized that they have already lost everything. That is indeed a matter of realization that they have found the difference in between their homes and a business world like Dubai. So Happy Home-Coming. God Bless all of us!

& .. for sure..
Hail the Land of Peace 🙂

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