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easypaisa retail outlet is currently serving a large area of rural part of Pakistan which still seeks for some banking services. The famous of all Money Transfer and Bill Payment Services even during the non-office hours is helping quite alot to the widespread unbanked sector. They have recently revised the Fee structure for the Utility Bill Payment Services and now there will be no extra fee to be paid by the customer. i.e. Customer will only pay the exact amount that is on the bill.

    No extra surcharge!!

This would not just help easypaisa but the Utility Companies as well for the collection of their Monthly bills. This is a great initiative by easypaisa to provide ease & convineince to their customers. On top of that, its an amazing feeling to have such services available in Pakistan.

All the best easypaisa! Way to go!

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Payoneer No Longer available in Pakistan

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Somebody just shared the following post on the facebook.


I couldn’t stop myself clarifying this as per my little experience. This is indeed very depressing but things aren’t similar to what has been shown in that post.

I have been into the e-payment industry for about 3 years now which is being regulated by a dedicated E-Banking Team of State Bank of Pakistan(SBP). SBP, being one of the best and strict regulatory body of the world, keeps a very strong eye on these financial institutes.

I won’t disclose the names but yes, AML has been working with different financial institutes to incorporate processes that can eliminate the money laundering activities. SBP has been quite vigilant about the movement of funds and has been working with AML to avoid fraudulent transactions.

A country where almost all famous intl. payment services (like paypal) are avoiding to serve. This could be another discriminative step by US Govt as currently a great deal of freelancers were accepting through payoneer card. This would affect masses and eventually benefit the other freelancers in this region including India & Bangladesh.

Instead of protesting against the current govt. raise your voice to bycott American influence and their products. Hit them the way they are hitting us! They aren’t our friends neither can think good for us!

This is just an eye-opener.

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Easypaisa :: Mobile Account

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Forget about carrying the paper money ; why bother about the plastic one either …. Your phone has replaced your wallet with EasyPaisa “Mobile account” service … 🙂

Following the phenomenal success of easypaisa and it services like Bill Payment and Money Transfer, Telenor has introduced another artground breaking service for its subscribers called “easypaisa Mobile Accounts”. Using “easypaisa Mobile Accounts” Telenor subscribers will now be able to pay bills, transfer money, check their balance and use many more services from their own mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

This service will let you imagine

A wallet without money
A mobile full of money 🙂

You can find more details on easypaisa website


All the best easypaisa 🙂

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ATM Thefts

by on Apr.02, 2009, under E-Banking, life

Till now everyone of us must have been the viewer of two unleashed videos of recent ATM Theft. I really felt so sad about the poor ones who actually got robbed this way. Specially the guy who literally fell on the floor due to the feeling of sheer helplessness.

It is fact that the number of transactions is increasing every day and such incidents can’t really stop people doing Transactions on the ATM. However the scary feeling would still be on top the of their head while using an ATM even if they just had to do a Account Balance Inquiry =D

Any how, being (proudly saying) the part of team who is literally running 80% of the E-Banking of Pakistan, I got the chance to visit a few ATM’s of different Banks. I would like to share some of the precautionary measures that should be kept in mind to save ourselves from incidents like what we have seen in the videos.

– Choose an ATM that is surrounded by acceptable crowd.
– Avoid doing transaction in late timings i.e. after 8
– If ATM is situated inside the room, it is permitted to lock that room from inside while doing the transaction. (This lock is usually at the top of glass door). So lock it when you know it can be dangerous.
– Avoid having high cash withdrawal limit per day (as it may cause you a bigger loss)
– Use your ATM/Debit Card as your wallet and avoid keeping huge amounts in your Account that is linked with your Card
– Never write your PIN Code any where (neither on your ATM Card nor on any Paper that resides in your wallet)
– And in the last in case your Card is lost/snatched call the Bank Call Centre to which that card belong, and BLOCK it right away.

That’s all I could add in your information. May Allah protect us from all such robbers and give the robbers ‘hidayat’ about this act, and last of all give courage and strength to our Police Officers to protect the citizens from these horrible incidents.

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Tour de Khartoum – I

by on Aug.10, 2008, under appreciate, Career, E-Banking, life

This is the 5th Day of mine in Khartoum, and still I didn’t find any reason to hesitate in coming here. People living over here are almost like any other country having Arabic culture. Its just the matter of adjusting your self into it let your self enjoy. The Grand Holiday Villa Hote, that i am living in is really good but expensive as compare to the other goods being sold out in the market.

And the very sad thing is, even the internet that is available through wifi is paid. I have to buy an internet scratch card every day as the scratch card gets expired after 24 hrs from the first login. This is what we call 101 ways of earning money =P

Any how the deployment process is going perfectly okie. One of the Bank is completed successfully and the other one needs to have everything tested before I say its completed =). BSSS people are really good in gettings things done in an efficient manner since they have co-operated me to work in the week holidays and even consulted with the Bank Personnel to come in the off timings.

That’s all from my Tour De Khartoum – I. Let’s see what comes in the next volume of it! =) ciao~

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First OnE!

by on Aug.04, 2008, under Career, E-Banking

Finally the day has come when I am leaving for an International Deployment to Khartoum, Sudan. I don’t know whether I am excited or scared. Although I was very much excited about the international trip but some people have made me a bit more concious about the deseases of Africa. Even though its ruining the fun factor I had wished for but any how I am gonna get vaccinated before boarding the flight.

Deployement of EYE/EJ, first ever of mine in any part of this world… hehe!! Yup, I never even did in ma own country. I will be flying at 1315 to Sudan via connecting flight from Dubai. It will definitely be a different exposure of the outerworld to me. Different nations have different ethics and different customs to follow. Lets see what comes as the outcome =)

 I am looking forward to have it done successfully.


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Moving ahead..

by on Mar.07, 2008, under Career, E-Banking

With the passage of time, another product eventually doomed into my responsibilities. Now its not just ATM Monitoring and Call Center CRM but now its about the ATM Cam images and the Electronic Journal

I would prefer explaining all those products that I have mentioned above.

InSight – ATM Monitoring and MIS Reporting Tool

HDA – Help Desk Agent (Call Center Application)

EYE/EJ – ATM Eye and Electronic Journal

For sure, one can have the idea about the ATM Monitoring and Call Center Operations with the basic ideology of E-Banking Industry. But yes, EYE/EJ is definetly a term that arouse a questions in the mind,

May be, most of us would be aware of the fact that an ATM machine can take around 15 snaps during a simple Cash Withdrawl Transaction.e.g. Card Entered, Pin Entered, Cash Taken, etc. However it is configurable and kept in between the count of 3 to 6 at the appropriate moments.

The term Journal came from the very basic functionality of the registers/copies. Every Transaction either successful or unsucessful is written on the ATM journal. EJ is actually the Electronic Journal, that is the soft copy of the same journal being wrote by ATM.

 Both EYE/EJ work yet independently, but are linked to each other very precisely. Each of the image gets uploaded on the Server and available to view. Every other transaction has a match of image and its EJ entry on the Server that is used to identify suspect cases notified to banks every day or the other by the customers.

Till now I have been enjoying every aspect of my job. But yes, I am planning for big, lets see how it come to be 🙂

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