Moon or No Moon

by on Aug.19, 2012, under Criticism

Dedicated To my Dearest One Day Social Network Metrological Department experts:

Please read this before you comment on the sight of moon.

When Ulema or Tableeghi Jamat comes to you for dawah and highlight the importance to follow Shariah, we have a very simple and straight forward comment. “My prayers and other Ibadaat are in b/w me and Allah, you are no one to interfere”

However, when it comes to the sight of moon we start blaming Ulemas of Pakistan. Isn’t this a matter in b/w Allah and Ulemas? If they are right or wrong, let them be. They are answerable to Allah and so do we. State has made responsible to them and Allah (SWT) will ask them for their deeds (whether it was wrong/right).

So kindly stick to what you are and don’t change your professions to an Aalim or metrological expert for 1 day. Honestly, your comments do not make any difference to their decision and only make situation awkward.
And please refrain from the racist remarks on our Pakhtoon brothers. (via @ArjumandYounus)
Originally published as facebook status on 18/08/2012.
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Rights of Women

by on Jan.14, 2011, under Cause, Criticism, life

Fake Characters of a True Story:

Candidate Name: Saira (A girl who practice Hijab)

Hiring Manager: Fahad (A liberal mind-set individual working for this organization)

HR Personnel: Anum (Recently joined as HR Executive in this organization)

Organization: A leading software house of Pakistan, currently doing projects with Local and International Agencies

Story: Saira applied for that company and got an interview call from that organization. She was interviewed by the technical managers and found to be qualified for the opening she applied. It was then asked from HR Team to process her appointment that was bound with a clause. Anum was asked to inquire Saira if she can remove Hijab or otherwise they cannot offer her a job. Anum refused to ask such a question and so as Saira’s appointnment.


  • Isn’t it a right of women to wear hijab and practice religion when she is at work ?
  • Why Women Activists are only found where there are discussions about the liberty of women ?
  • Why can’t I see anyone stand by those women who are not being accepted when practicing their religion ?
  • Why our Women Right activists do not criticize these kind of sick minded literates ?

I won’t be able to find answers of these questions because most probably we don’t even know what are the right of a Women . No wonder, Islam is the only religion that realizes the importance of a women. I wish and hope our so called women rights activists, realize the same and promote the actual rights of Women.

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Killing of honor

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Criticism, Jinguism, Pakistan

Take it as a disclaimer that by no means I want to support Salman Taseer for his blasphemy act. I am just trying to highlight how fake our love is.

A person got killed in the capital city by his own guard. No matter whoever it was. No matter what he said. He shouldn’t have been punished the way it has been done. In the opionion of many people around us,  all that happened was something that they wanted.


But may I know what the heck we were doing when the blasphemy act was done by Salman Taseer ??  Probably sitting at home and waiting for somebody who could kill him … Right ? I mean no body came out on the roads…. no body protested… no journalist raised his voice, no lawyer stood up and sorry to say, no Suo Moto notice was taken by any Judge. Is this how meaningless love to our Prophet is ??

Answer yourself:
If such blasphemy act by any means had affected our love, how come we were waiting for something to happen itself ?
if it is the only responsibility of Usman Qadri to show his love to his Prophet.
How would we forgive ourself by throwing Usman Qadri into jail and sitting ourself at home and thinking ‘acha huwa jo huwa’
Why didn’t we stood up ourself and SUE Salman Taseer, when we knew constitution could handle such clauses.

Sorry my fellows, we have dual standards. We don’t love Muhammad (PBUH) the way we should. We want things to be done automatically which is not the case in the real world.

Secondly, no one has right to take law into their own hands. If you think something is not being handled properly, go and get those judges that were resotred in the name of justice. Islam do not allow such killing of honors unless proven by the state judiciary system. I would be glad to have an example during the Khilafah regime when somebody was punished unless proven by the court of those times.

Stop being diplomatic. Start loving your prophet not just by killing someone. Love your prophet in a way:

  • That shows from your appearance that you are a prophet lover
  • That spreads peace and prosperity
  • That firm your beliefs in the light of Quran and Sunnah
  • That could actually make everyone say, MashAllah, how good a Muslim is.

May All give us courage, awareness, hidayat for spreading peace and truth and not the hatred environment.

God Bless all of us.

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Blog Awards Poll

by on Jun.07, 2010, under Criticism, Pakistan

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1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards

by on Jun.03, 2010, under Criticism, Pakistan, Politics

***Post might contain some lines, expressions, feelings, comments which you may not like, but remember it’s just a blogger’s opinion, If somebody is offended.. be that! I am sorry but I will be quite hard with my comments. My sole intention is to make the responsible persons realize there mistakes

Congratulations to CIO Pakistan, Google Pakistan for arranging the 1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards and then feeling bad for the winners for getting it without doing any thing!

It started well, when bloggers started appealing some attention of the world, to showcase their blogs. Then CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan took an initiative of Blog Awards. Nominations were done by themselves or by their reading fans (who in the world have nothing else to do except this)

Lets go through critics on some of the winners who were not at all deserving people for such awards:

  • Best Celebrity Blog | Naveen Naqvi | naveenaqvi.com
  • Is it because, she is the only person who interact with Alpha, Beta, and a few more bloggers??? was there any other celebrity nominated??? If not Why ? CIO people to answer this!

  • Best Culture Blog | Yasir Niaz | yasirniaz.blogspot.com
  • 6 posts in 5 months out of which only one was indirectly related to Pakistan… that was on Kashmir Day… lolz!! CIO Pakistan, did you even check before being so biased??? CIO people to answer this!!

  • Best Fashion Blog | Irfan Ahson | bridalfashions.wordpress.com
  • This was ridiculous! This is a Photo-blog featured by a photographer and not a Fashion designer. Seems like CIO wanted to fit him in the list of blogs??? Why CIO Pakistan, you need to answer this

  • Best Humor Blog | Tazeen | tazeen-tazeen.blogspot.com
  • I don’t know even if she deserves to be read. Criticism is the only thing she knows.. I don’t know where in her posts CIO found so much humor that they awarded her the Award.. ?? CIO people to answer this!

  • Photo Blogger | Muhammad Khabbab | lahoregardening.blogspot.com
  • Lolz… 2nd of its kind….. CIO ??? Did you people have so many categories or your friend list was huge ?? CIO people to answer

  • Business Blog | Salma Jafri | wordpl.net
  • Oh Com’on CIO, just visit this blog again and tell me if this blog falls into this category ?? you must be funny CIO!! Please answer

  • Travel Blog | Nabeel | eatntravel.pk
  • CIO, i wish you could have opened up the blog once before awarding this blog… this is more about food and less about trveling… but obviously CIO has a huge list of friends… kuch na kuch to dena he tha!

  • Best Personal Blog | Salman Latif | salmanlatif.wordpress.com
  • What a category… Hats off to CIO…. as if many individual bloggers are running non-personal blogs lolz..

  • Best Individual Blogger | Awais Aftab | awaisaftab.blogspot.com
  • Arrnndd what a category again… Were so many bloggers were doing non-individual blogging?? CIO to answer this!!

  • Best Automobile Blog | Mohammad Khan | caradvice.pk
  • Total of 3 posts in the past 8 months??? CIO did you even open up this blog ? CIO to answer this

  • Best Technology (International) Blog
  • 4 Awards in the same category?? I must say, CIO has very large friend’s circle. And yes, CIO is a very good Friend too… they never forget anyone to award their friends whether they have to give 100 awards in the same category.

  • Best Online Community Blog | Yasir Nisar | www.flickr.com/groups/pakistaniphotographers
  • Where in the world Communities/Forums/Discussion Groups came under the category of BLOG??? CIO you have already awarded so much to your friends… Stop doing that!!

  • Live Blogger | Fariha Akhtar
  • I would appreciate if CIO could shed some light on the term LIVE BLOGGER?? isn’t she awarded because she is the most active person who Retweets Alpha, Neena, Gamma. Is she awarded because she always say yes, yes, yes to what they say?? CIO you were so keen to award her that you didn’t even bother specifying her blog on the website!! CIO must answer this

  • Tech hardware | Abdullah Saad | wccftech.com
  • CIO, frogod sake you already awarded so much in the category of the buzz word “TECH”, I must say CIO people are so generous to award their friends.

  • Best Live Photo Blogger | Jamal Ashiqain | karachiart.blogspot.com
  • WTF!! 7 posts in total in the year 2010. CIO, just visit this blog once and you will realize that this blog is featuring ART and not any LIVE Event?? CIO must answer this!

  • Best Blog Aggregator | Asim Imtiaz, Ammar Yasir, Asad Ullah and Hamza Zafar | teabreak.pk
  • haha!! Ammar Yasir, a person who can live without Food & Electricity but not without facebook, always ready to say YES, YES, YES to Alpha, Neena, Gaama…!!! hud hai CIO… did you even consider any other aggregator for this?? CIO must answer this

  • Best Industry Support | Jehan Ara
  • Awww, How CIO can forget the bestest Member. How funny to see that CIO being organizer awarding its own Member… lol… Shame on You CIO!!

I didn’t comment on the ones that i found to be appropriate and where luckily the arrow of CIO got a bit accurate. CIO must be ashamed of what ever have they done.
All bloggers someway or the other condemn the acts of Governmental Bodies including President by claiming that incompitent people have been appointed just to be generous and by awarding ministries to their beloved friends. They have been raising their voice through their platform in order to bring awareness so that such activities could be avoided in future.

I feel sorry for all the bloggers to be associated with so much biased/unprofessional blog awards. They were completely biased .. Improfessional .. Generous enough to be award to their beloved friends .. Just like our government does that

This is Big Shame to CIO … you just lost your credibility!!

This is a request to all the bloggers. Self evaluate your self because a person never lie to himself. Stay away from people with biased mentality. Stop being favourite of any organization. Beleive in your self identity and not by associating with such organizations. Spread a good cause. Spread it independently with your best knowledge without having any biasness. We need to get things rectified for the sake of this country. Be honest to this world and to your self.

With such attributes together, we can bring alot of change to the best of part of this world… The Land of Pure, Pakistan!

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Payoneer No Longer available in Pakistan

by on May.05, 2010, under Criticism, E-Banking, Pakistan, World

Somebody just shared the following post on the facebook.


I couldn’t stop myself clarifying this as per my little experience. This is indeed very depressing but things aren’t similar to what has been shown in that post.

I have been into the e-payment industry for about 3 years now which is being regulated by a dedicated E-Banking Team of State Bank of Pakistan(SBP). SBP, being one of the best and strict regulatory body of the world, keeps a very strong eye on these financial institutes.

I won’t disclose the names but yes, AML has been working with different financial institutes to incorporate processes that can eliminate the money laundering activities. SBP has been quite vigilant about the movement of funds and has been working with AML to avoid fraudulent transactions.

A country where almost all famous intl. payment services (like paypal) are avoiding to serve. This could be another discriminative step by US Govt as currently a great deal of freelancers were accepting through payoneer card. This would affect masses and eventually benefit the other freelancers in this region including India & Bangladesh.

Instead of protesting against the current govt. raise your voice to bycott American influence and their products. Hit them the way they are hitting us! They aren’t our friends neither can think good for us!

This is just an eye-opener.

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Atleast become a Human

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Criticism, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Truth, Human Rights, Respect etc

are something known to any literate person on the earth. We as a human know how to speak truth, how to give appropriate rights, and how to give respect. Although many of these kind of attributes have been strongly recommended in most of the religion including Islam. However such basic attributes of a Human are not linked with any Religion, Location or culture.

We as a Human must ask these questions to our self. Being a Muslim is something far away. Are we even a Human Being who can answer these questions to our self.

And if we know the answers, why have we kept our ethical values aside?
Why don’t we
show patience while driving ?
stop throwing trash on the roads ?
stop bribing ? and

Why don’t we realize that eventually we have to see our Lord, Allah who is the greatest of all! And that moment will not let us re-think about all we had done.

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The Lucy Pun of John

by on Nov.06, 2009, under Career, Criticism, life

After a long long time, I am back with the tale of John. Though I wish John would be a cheeta and could really have a real tail to wag. Because that is the only thing John can do. It was quite OKAY a few months back when John introduced a new strategy and decided not to let me sit on my seat. I along with one of my mate were asked to meet selected people on regular basis and were made solely responsible.

I didn’t complain because this was eventually making me stay away from John’s extraordinary bright Managerial decisions. I started working with the new strategy for few a few weeks when the other mate of mine started having trouble with his assignment. After all he was the friend of John and John couldn’t see him in the trouble.

Just to bring his friend out of this situation, John decided to throw me in the sinking ship (full of problems) and my sakooon is barbad again! I have no problems in completing any difficult assignments but, I need to know what is the performance evaluation criteria. Its unfair to ease one persons life and throw the other one into titanic.

All I can do is mourn about John’s explicitly biased decisions that have been continuously making my life terrible. May Allah take him to a place where I can’t even hear his voice! Summa Ameen!

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And now the real face of the Dictator

by on Jul.15, 2009, under Criticism, Pakistan, Politics


I have no personal grudge against Former President General (retd) Pervaiz Musharraf and all that I have written is my comment over the statement he has given in front of media during World Economic Forum in Davos.

To all those who consider the former President as very nice and clever person. Please watch this video to clarify as how inhuman mentality he has. He proved it in the unforgettable brutality of his era i.e. Lal masjid incident in which hundreds of children were killed thorugh sulphur bombs. When even their deadbodies got melt with no signs intact.

I literally feel bad about the poor children who did not come under the definition of Musharraf’s very own dictated Human Rights. I wonder why and how people justify such inhuman acts of HIS regime just to tell others that Musharraf was the best.

I really pray that somebody could bring that retarted General to court and Hang him to set an example for the neXt generation.

Note: comments that would offend me would be deleted right away without any notice.

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Widespread Violence in Karachi

by on Apr.30, 2009, under Criticism, Pakistan

Unpleasantly specifying, at least 25 people have been killed and about 40 have been injured since the start of violent activities yesterday in Karachi.This situation is quite unexpected yet so depressing to discuss with any one. The controversial topic of Pashtun or Taliban is getting into the situation that isn’t been controlled by the law enforcing agencies(Although I am not sure whether they are even intending to do it or not). Since I had slept last night, I got about 10 SMS either to inquire about me or informing to take precautionary measures before leaving home.

Those who creating this chaotic situation, I am sure doesn’t belong to ethnic race of Pakistan. These riots are literal anti-pakistan group, intending to affect all the activities happening in Pakistan at domestic and international level. It is indeed embarrassing for the organizers to announce yet another postponement of their event.

Those who are somehow affiliated with FAST NU must be knowing that PROCOM.NET 2009 was first postponed to the next day. However I was just informed that PROCOM would just be a single day event due to the problematic situation. No one can imagine the efforts that would have been done by the student body for the two PROCOM days, that turned out to be an event of 1 day make them literally disappointed.

All exams under Intermediate board have also been postponed because of this situation. All business activities remain suspended today and even the Bank Personnel left at around 2 pm.

This is very well known hadith which has the moral that “Ruler of any place is as per the deeds of the citizens living in that place”. This implies that, a ruler of us can only be good if we are good as well. And If we would remain the same and won’t re-evaluate ourselves in terms of our religious and social activities, trust me nothing is going to change regardless of changing the current president to another.

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