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by on Mar.07, 2008, under Career, E-Banking

With the passage of time, another product eventually doomed into my responsibilities. Now its not just ATM Monitoring and Call Center CRM but now its about the ATM Cam images and the Electronic Journal

I would prefer explaining all those products that I have mentioned above.

InSight – ATM Monitoring and MIS Reporting Tool

HDA – Help Desk Agent (Call Center Application)

EYE/EJ – ATM Eye and Electronic Journal

For sure, one can have the idea about the ATM Monitoring and Call Center Operations with the basic ideology of E-Banking Industry. But yes, EYE/EJ is definetly a term that arouse a questions in the mind,

May be, most of us would be aware of the fact that an ATM machine can take around 15 snaps during a simple Cash Withdrawl Transaction.e.g. Card Entered, Pin Entered, Cash Taken, etc. However it is configurable and kept in between the count of 3 to 6 at the appropriate moments.

The term Journal came from the very basic functionality of the registers/copies. Every Transaction either successful or unsucessful is written on the ATM journal. EJ is actually the Electronic Journal, that is the soft copy of the same journal being wrote by ATM.

 Both EYE/EJ work yet independently, but are linked to each other very precisely. Each of the image gets uploaded on the Server and available to view. Every other transaction has a match of image and its EJ entry on the Server that is used to identify suspect cases notified to banks every day or the other by the customers.

Till now I have been enjoying every aspect of my job. But yes, I am planning for big, lets see how it come to be 🙂

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by on Nov.25, 2007, under appreciate, Career

Who knows where one has to stuck into. I never thought of being into a job like this. How true when rsameem mentioned that she never worked out on Linux and neither at databases. I had the same feeling when I got into the databases. But I feel no shy tellingl you that it was just a session of 2 to 3 hours of w3schools.com that polished me.

A very good things is that, apart from a text based tutorial, it has a small online test in b/w the basic concepts of that topic, that makes you go through the tit-bits of that tutorial and make you L-e-a-r-n that.

In addition to that I was working on batch file that has to collect the complete info of that application server. I really found it interesting while going through the scratches of old DOS commands. Unfortunately that failed when i executed it on the windows 2000, just because of the difference of inverted commas “” i.e.

I don’t know when Microsoft gonna get mature to follow the same kind of command line architecture in different OS, where the world just not think over easing things but to minimize the time consumed on a certain activity, and that is only possible if we get out of the world of a MICKEY MOUSE .heh!

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