A lil update

by on Feb.07, 2010, under Career, life

I am really sorry for not updating my blog for quite long due to some new things happened in my life. =)

It wasn’t something bad but it happened to be quite hectic somehow. Starting with the job switching, I have resigned from TPS Pakistan and joined Telenor Pakistan in the EasyPaisa Team..

Last day at TPS was followed by the final exams of my MBA (2nd Semester). Yeah, I have suspended my MBA so far…. and probably going to continue it in Islamabad :), and yes again… I have relocated to Islamabad for my new Job 🙂

So all that scene with last days at TPS, final exams, shopping and packing for relocating to Isb.. really made it hectic for me. Alhumdulillah its been almost a month at the new job and everything seems so good. After all there is no John =P and nor his companions. Yayyy!!

I was here in Karachi for spending the long weekend and going to fly back tonight!! That’s all from my end till now. My next pending task is the update of Hall of Shame 😉 and another post about *****… lol
I hope everyone is doing fine in this cyberspace.

Fi Amanillah!!

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The Lucy Pun of John

by on Nov.06, 2009, under Career, Criticism, life

After a long long time, I am back with the tale of John. Though I wish John would be a cheeta and could really have a real tail to wag. Because that is the only thing John can do. It was quite OKAY a few months back when John introduced a new strategy and decided not to let me sit on my seat. I along with one of my mate were asked to meet selected people on regular basis and were made solely responsible.

I didn’t complain because this was eventually making me stay away from John’s extraordinary bright Managerial decisions. I started working with the new strategy for few a few weeks when the other mate of mine started having trouble with his assignment. After all he was the friend of John and John couldn’t see him in the trouble.

Just to bring his friend out of this situation, John decided to throw me in the sinking ship (full of problems) and my sakooon is barbad again! I have no problems in completing any difficult assignments but, I need to know what is the performance evaluation criteria. Its unfair to ease one persons life and throw the other one into titanic.

All I can do is mourn about John’s explicitly biased decisions that have been continuously making my life terrible. May Allah take him to a place where I can’t even hear his voice! Summa Ameen!

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You have no choice =)

by on May.25, 2009, under Career, life

While being depressed because of the situation at work these days, one of my colleague sent this joke today:




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Another One

by on May.14, 2009, under Career, life

Dear Readers* I will be leaving for an international deployment tomorrow and might not be able read your blogs. I didn’t say that I won’t be able to write much cuz I haven’t been able to write much specially during weekdays. 

Any how it all planned in a hurry, when I got a call from my Team Lead that I have to leave this friday. Alhough it wasn’t the (tomorrow wala) friday but the previous (8th May wala) one since the visa process almost took a week giving me time to mentally prepare for it.

It would be second one of mine to meet the new faces and to sell my “chooran” … lol. Although it isn’t a typical chooran but the way we do isn’t different from the exact selling of “chooran”. Any how lets not just go into much of the details or otherwise I might not be posting for the 3rd one =P. 

Wish me luck for the upcoming deployment and remember me in your prayers.

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Just another Inspirational Speech

by on Apr.12, 2009, under appreciate, Career, Cause, life, World

I just got the chance to watch this inspirational speech of Steve Jobs again that he delivered at Stanford Commencement. I suggest everyone watching this speech and specially those who are currently being affected by the joblessness.

Humesha ki tarha app k Feedback ka Talabgaar 😀

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And the situation continues.. II

by on Feb.07, 2009, under Career, Criticism, life

It was damn too funny when I saw the face expressions of John, curious yet confuse as what is happening inside the box. I am sure he wasn’t surprise as why I am inside but for a person who know is a culprit gets worried about everything 🙂

The situation that I discussed earlier hasn’t changed so far and John is at his best with his typical commands and decisions. Even if things get settled now, I would probably not forgive him for making me lose three of my fellows. I am kind of frustrated or rather desperate now to end up this situation by any means because I don’t want to bear the scars any more.

Its time to revive the situation now. I would use every possible way to resolve this crap. I wish 360 and the peace talks could help me out or otherwise I will get retarded due to severe Mental disorder.

Wish me luck!

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Tour de Khartoum – I

by on Aug.10, 2008, under appreciate, Career, E-Banking, life

This is the 5th Day of mine in Khartoum, and still I didn’t find any reason to hesitate in coming here. People living over here are almost like any other country having Arabic culture. Its just the matter of adjusting your self into it let your self enjoy. The Grand Holiday Villa Hote, that i am living in is really good but expensive as compare to the other goods being sold out in the market.

And the very sad thing is, even the internet that is available through wifi is paid. I have to buy an internet scratch card every day as the scratch card gets expired after 24 hrs from the first login. This is what we call 101 ways of earning money =P

Any how the deployment process is going perfectly okie. One of the Bank is completed successfully and the other one needs to have everything tested before I say its completed =). BSSS people are really good in gettings things done in an efficient manner since they have co-operated me to work in the week holidays and even consulted with the Bank Personnel to come in the off timings.

That’s all from my Tour De Khartoum – I. Let’s see what comes in the next volume of it! =) ciao~

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First OnE!

by on Aug.04, 2008, under Career, E-Banking

Finally the day has come when I am leaving for an International Deployment to Khartoum, Sudan. I don’t know whether I am excited or scared. Although I was very much excited about the international trip but some people have made me a bit more concious about the deseases of Africa. Even though its ruining the fun factor I had wished for but any how I am gonna get vaccinated before boarding the flight.

Deployement of EYE/EJ, first ever of mine in any part of this world… hehe!! Yup, I never even did in ma own country. I will be flying at 1315 to Sudan via connecting flight from Dubai. It will definitely be a different exposure of the outerworld to me. Different nations have different ethics and different customs to follow. Lets see what comes as the outcome =)

 I am looking forward to have it done successfully.


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IoBM Aptitude Test

by on Jul.12, 2008, under Career, life

Regrets are regrets, that can’t be overcome unless you are done with something very accurtately. I am having more or less same kind of a situation after appearing in the IoBM Aptitute for MBA Executive plan. Although I didn’t expect much from a single day preparation. Any how, I am done with the test and waiting for the result that is going to be announced on 21st July.

I have been consistent from the past 1 year and putting up hard in everywork I have been assigned. I want my self to be entagled into some greater responsibilities now, probably something new into the same domain. 😉

Alert Alert!! International Deployment coming up. Lets see what I come up with the next post of my blog.

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aN iDea!

by on Mar.27, 2008, under Career, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

It happened when we aLL 6 were sitting together at unnabi hotel (dhaba), keeping the sheesha alive and refreshing each others mind for our so called GK. Although it was a serious and healthy duscission for Usman who is preparing for the upcoming MBA test of IBA.

While cursing our lucks being employed and not the entrepreneurs.  I proposed the idea of organizing any kind of event that could set a benchmark for us. All of a sudden, except Mamo, the never serious man, we all started to have a brainstorming session. Salik, who is leading his own small scale business shared his ideas about it.

We moved from Talent hunts, to different competitions to various kind of festivals. The dicussion went on and we all settled to organize an event of its kind that could bring a real entertainment to the Karachites.

I, having the past experiences took the responsibility for documenting the exact idea and scope of the event, that could further clarify what and how exactly things gonna go. Now the problem is; I am out words 🙂 hehe!

So I am getting back to my work now. Wish mE LucK!!!

GK -> (Genereal Knowledge)
IBA -> Institute of Business Administration

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