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A moment to re-think

by on Mar.16, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

Its been so soothing while listening to this song track of.. Jal…

Mein teree aankhon mien rehta hun … tujhey pata na chaley…
terey hur pal mein guzra hun… tujhey pata na chaley….

 Khafa to hum bhee hein tum bhee ho… humein pata na chaley…
Judai ka mujhey ghum bhee hai … koi aisee khata na karey…

Its been so long, when I used to listen sad and slow songs, and adding those into my blogs.  I never wanted to be at a situation like this, where I have no U-turn to get a life. Its been so depressing and awful that I am am not setting ma mind what to do next in the upcoming months n years…

It is indeed a moment when I have to re-think and re-shape my life towards an objective. Surely that could bring a lot of happiness around me. Alright…. Ahsan…

Starting from Special_Qualities to Sezear` here I am ” ä h § ä ñ ” … I hope I gonna change my self 🙂


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n the last call!

by on Mar.15, 2008, under Blogs I Follow, Criticism, life

I never thought of it though… but it had to be the last call….
so the call of pursue is over!
no more 🙁
I feel so sorry about you, Alpha!

Any how, I am not even sure my self, How I am gonna react! Let’s see whats the neXt bomb I gonna blast!!

ova~ n

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arrrrnnnd .. finally.. .. ..

by on Mar.11, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

I had never expected to have such ending of my stupid, idiotic love story. This is not the first time I am facing something that has stuck me, that is always attached with the lamest excuse, giving me no room to have any further option.

I just hate it when people try to be a bit more relegious and sensitive about their spiritual beleifs, yet deny those facts in order to save themselves from the O-P-E-N comments of the society.

 I am literally in the state of shock. I am gonna be insane if this feeling continued. I am surely not in my senses. I am thinking of something I had never thought of. I just want to cry my heart out. I dont want to stop the tears that are blocked cuz of my so called ELDER-NESS. Even though I tried ma best to be cool, be more realistic, be more formal, but is this what i am gettin in the end.

They started good, but with a gentle NO, it is all scarced. Even I am hating my self.


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by on Mar.11, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

Surely, it was my firm belief of being blessed by Allah for many reasons. But this is something impossible that is getting possible apparently. I dont know my self how it happened or what, but this is all because of the precious prayer I made. Although it’s been so long but who else it could be other then Allah who remember each thing about us.I never thought of such happening while getting no hindrance in telling it to my Parents. heh! yeah. Abbu was there as well, and how delighted he was heh!
My Allah… Great He is, The Most merciful and Most Kind. Things are not straight these days. Every now and then I get a new feeling of every aspect of “my to be future”

 But I realized the same thing today. My Precious prayer. and the firm beleif on it made me get out of this so called tension I have. Let’s see what else comes to be the future of mine.

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Jangu-ism or Jingu-ism

by on Mar.10, 2008, under Blogs I Follow, Criticism, Jinguism, Pakistan, Politics


It’s just not the story of any single person I meet everyday; although I have started my campaign with the people who are less aware of the real facts.

Ofcourse this media war has just created another frsutration in an environment like this. Its strange when every other news paper does the same and dont get banned. However when a TV channel does the same, it gets banned all over the country. Now I have seen the cyberspace to be poluted by different people (who are definitely the govt representatives) giving them impression as if they are creating frsutration amongs the people of People of Pakistan.

But still I couldn’t find the answer as why it has been banned across Pakistan ? is their any other Pakistan existing outside this south asia? in europe ? in USA or Canada?

So hatred these people are when calling our people, illetrate and Jahil… duh!!!

 Though the upper part of the was written in the days when emergency was imposed but more or less people around us are pretty much same. Same thinking of running n running away. looosers aint they!!

For them staying in Pakistan is Jangu-ism… and for me surely its Jinguism… Pak i love you so very much!!!!

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Hello world!

by on Sep.14, 2006, under Blogs I Follow

Well well… i dont know if i ll be starting the blog here or not. I personally beleive that blog should have been charactorized in two different domains… One is for sure a personal diary in my case and the other one for public reading areas.

Yes, even if it is a personal diary (blog), their should be no restriction to read it. Becasue if you are so mean to keep your blog with you, better goto RUN and type NOTEPAD.

Start writing, and dont forget to save it before closing it. I am sure no one would be able to read it then 😉


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