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Facebook ban… isolation or protest

by on May.20, 2010, under Blogs I Follow

Alot of people around my table @ work were quite sad due to the facebook ban. They consider it as an isloation for not interacting with there social network (available @ facebook) and on the same hand, quite worried about the boredom during working hours. Facebook has been an affective tool to overcome the boredome specially for the timewasters.
Though it was expected, i have so far received 5 invitations of twitter following as the traffic is going to move to twitter now. Facebook users are really sad about this ban 🙂 and they can’t really live without social networking

On the other hand, I got so many texts from different people (including those who used to spend more than 4 hours on facebook daily) congratulating me about the facebook ban. They are happy about it and so am I.

Teeth Maestro highlighted that

On one hand they are quick to delete the facebook page of a civil activist group [Peoples Resistance] which was organizing street protests in Karachi on the mere whim that we might be promoting hatred and violence, while in reality we were peacefully protesting against a military dictatorship, our democratic right – that group was deleted quickly and the administrators were issued warnings, this group continues to reign supreme raking over 34,400 fans since April 25th

Now this point directs us towards the descrimination of Facebook Management as how they take freedom of speech and violation of their policies. Recently Molly Norris has also published a disclaimer on her website declaring her disassociation with the campaign. I cannot find any other reason for facebook to be reported as abuse. I guess LHC ban should not be lifted and remain permanent unless faceook realizes the fact that we are in majority contributors of their earnings.
I didn’t find facebook ban as an isolation. I consider it to be a protest. Either by not signing in or by putting a ban.

A protest we must do

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Eat the cricket ball at Nandos

by on Feb.08, 2010, under Blogs I Follow

Nandos has the habit of responding to the current affairs through their advertisements and one liners. I just received an email in which Nandos has did it again. Check it out!! 🙂


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Ye Hum Nahin

by on Apr.05, 2009, under Blogs I Follow

I just read a post on the Five Rupees and thought about sharing it.

I think the author has pointed out very critical matter that should be clarified among Karachites, as we are being imposed to have this discriminative approach for our Pashtun Brothers.

I would also request you to spread this message to all.

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Pakistan Wins THREE Awards at APICTA

by on Nov.17, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

It is indeed a moment of glory to share that Pakistani Software Industry is growing at its best. PixSense PSP won the award for Best in Media and Entertainment Applications, TPS Pvt Limited won the Award for Best in Tools & Infrastructure Applications and Kraysiswon in the Best Startup Category.

Further details can be viewed by visiting the following link:

Congratulations to all the Award Winners. I hope this winning streak will be continued for ever and ever. 


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Hall of Shame

by on Sep.22, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

I have just moved the Hall of Shame page from the main website to this blog so that every could comments on too. Thanks to ActiveX for his ever-improving-suggestions.

You are free to add in your comments. Go through My Hall and feel free to comment over it.

Because Free Thinkers are welcome~~

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Revamp completed! jingoist.pk

by on Sep.19, 2008, under Blogs I Follow, Jinguism

Although I am quite late in putting it UP & RUNNING, but since I am done I am glad to be moved on a place that is completely owned by me. I know I am too lazy to do something for my own. =P and who doesn’t know that =D =D. My posts were not being consistent since its inception but I hope it would now be on the regular basis.

Jingoist.pk is something I had always wished for. A place where I can be tested and reviewed. A place where I could express my jinguism freely. And Yes!! I am not being too lame to put up the Google Ads on the web. Its just that may be I could get the cost of my domain and hosting out of it!! *wink* *wink*.

You are free to comment on the outlook and content of this website. Since you are done reading this post, tell me what are you waiting for ? You are more then welcome to comment on it freely. Because this cyberspace is free from all the (restricted) policies of WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger, and the providers of FREEDOME of EXPRESSIONS, Muhtarma Toont Toon!! and why would I name her =P

FreeThinkers are welcome!!

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ReVamp (0ne p0int Zer0)

by on Jun.21, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

Its been very long since I have posted here. It wasn’t just a quick decision to make but finally, i have revamped the out-look of this blog.I have been exploring some extra-ordinary features of My-SQL, PHP and of course WordPress. This change is just a glance of what I have learned so far. I ll try to add in here some of the features of it with small HOW-TO’s that could help any one in this CyberSpace.

Life is for sure not at its perfection. Things are just rushing into my life. Lots of tasks, assignments, decisions, troubles and tensions =).

A few updates include:

– Inspite of being WARNED by many victims around, I have planned for the MS SPM Plan from FAST.

– First ever Appraisal review of my career has been done. Lets see what is the outcome.

Obviously looking forward for the best of it =)


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Beauty of Karachi – pictures addition

by on Apr.07, 2008, under appreciate, Blogs I Follow, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

In addition to my last blog here are few pics that endorce the beauty of Karachi 🙂

Jeeyaay Pakistan and for sure Karachi!!!

These pics are taken from an album of a pakistani user through flickr.com. I am sorry for overlooking the actual URL of that album. If somebody found please intimate me. Thanks

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Beautiful Karachi

by on Apr.06, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

A few days back, when i received a forwarded email having the same subject line as this blog title. It wasn’t just another critic email for the Karachites but yes, it sure has the evidences of how Beautiful Karachi is. Hats off to the Local City Government who has turned Karachi into a very beautiful City of Pakistan.

I think Karachi could be a great tourism place if the security problems get resolved. I hope City Government could emphasize on that as well.

On behalf of all the Karachites, I would request the City Govt to cop up with the Street Crimes in particular that is harassing each citizen to walk freely down the street. This is not it, we also request the City Nazim to end up with the open projects that have been lingering so long and being stuck for any uknown reason.

I will come up with another post very soon that will show you the Beauty of Karachi!!

Hail the City of Lights!!!

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Job Fair — Rozee.pk

by on Apr.03, 2008, under Blogs I Follow

A few said: Rozee baich rahey ho 😀
Few said: Oh idhar kidhar? 🙂
Some said: TPS mein job lagwa do 🙁
Many said: yaar kaheen bhe job lagwa do :'(

 Now the end was the real sad part of it. Unemployment has really been affecting our citizens. But to some extent, it is the one himself who should be blamed for it. Unrecognized Degrees and Diplomas are surely not being recognized by any good organization. Secondly, the skill set is missing which is the major part that helps in getting a good job. We have seen a number of people having unknown degrees but their skills have eventually meet their both ends. I even rate ma self in the last category i just discussed.

Any how, overall it was a good effort by Rozee.pk for the citizens of Karachi and the Pakistanis. All the best to them!!

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