Karachi to Lahore – Travel by Train

by on Mar.13, 2012, under appreciate

A few weeks back, it happened to be an amazing journey from Karachi to Lahore. In spite of people’s never ending negative claims and last few very bad experiences, I opted again for a train journey. I however preferred Business Express over Karakarom and Karachi Express this time. It was a phenomenal journey of 17 hrs (aprox). The good thing was that when I got out of the train coach, I didn’t had that typical exhausted feeling when you actually travelled for so many hours.

  • This train has categories /classes:
  • Economy (without AC)
  • Budget (with AC – I opted for this one)
  • Business (with AC, LCD, wifi, dinner and breakfast)

I won’t just go into more details and list down the type of service they are offering:

  • Train left the Karachi Cant Station at 3:35 pm whereas the scheduled time was 3:30pm
  • We were served with a tea along with a pack that contained nimko, biscuits and cake
  • A dedicated attendant and a Security guard were always available throughout the journey.
  • Attendant visited regularly for the cleanup of the dustbin in the cabin
  • Each cabin (for 6 persons) contained power sockets that can be used for charging mobiles/cameras/laptops etc
  • Food offered in the train was managed by the caterers of Pearl Continental Hotel
  • Train reached Lahore Junction (destination) at 9:15am which is 45 mins before the scheduled time.
  • Prayer mats were available in the coach.
  • Staff in the coach was very supportive and helpful.
  • Washrooms were clean and very much usable. I never found the supply of Tissue paper and liquid soap exhausted.
  • Train had a dedicated coach for a restaurant for food and beverages

All those who travel b/w these two cities regularly are highly recommended to try this service out.

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Appreciations that I received

by on Jun.16, 2010, under appreciate, Cause, Jinguism

I got an unexpected response for my last most critic post about 1st Annual Blog Awards from the readers . Some of them were extraordinary supportive that I couldn’t stop being senti=| I am greatful to those commentators who have shared their opinions against that post. Just wanted to share some of the comments that were really amazing and gave inspiration none of its kind:

  • I just wanted you to know that there people like me who really appreciate for bringing this up and voicing your opinion
  • good journalism shows us all the sides of an issue.
  • @jingoists Great post.
  • Its really very brave of you
  • I was feeling the same thing for a long time.
  • Courage to speak truth is indeed a big thing, do not ever lose it.
  • I didn’t dare say anything because most of the people are my friends and yet you did
  • Its the same people everytime and they only promote their own people- very few can point out this as its one powerful group

I kept them anonymous because, most of the comments belong to the people who are friends of those who I have strongly criticized in my post earlier. So Stand up Bloggers!! Its time to spread the truth regardless if its bitter for our dearest friends. We have bigger responsibilities then just keeping our friends happy. As described by Awab Alvi in the latest episode of laidbackshow episode 20 that CIO people are sweet by nature and they want to keep their friends happy.

ps: this is just a request that we shoudn’t start criticizing to that extent that we forget to appreciate things happening around us. All the best!

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easypaisa ::.. Zero Bill Payment Fee

by on Jun.02, 2010, under appreciate, E-Banking, Pakistan

easypaisa retail outlet is currently serving a large area of rural part of Pakistan which still seeks for some banking services. The famous of all Money Transfer and Bill Payment Services even during the non-office hours is helping quite alot to the widespread unbanked sector. They have recently revised the Fee structure for the Utility Bill Payment Services and now there will be no extra fee to be paid by the customer. i.e. Customer will only pay the exact amount that is on the bill.

    No extra surcharge!!

This would not just help easypaisa but the Utility Companies as well for the collection of their Monthly bills. This is a great initiative by easypaisa to provide ease & convineince to their customers. On top of that, its an amazing feeling to have such services available in Pakistan.

All the best easypaisa! Way to go!

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by on Jun.22, 2009, under appreciate, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Many of us have already shared their thoughts of the recent victory of Pakistan. It was a memorable win by Pakistani Cricket Team against Srilanka which is yet another Asian Team, making it very clear around the globe that Asians are too good at this kind of cricket. (including the last world cup b/w Pakistan n India)

Afridi, Gul, Kamran, Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ajmal are all the names that really come with the best of their performances and eventually bringing the World Cup to their homes. It was totaly different experience watching this Final Match at a BIG SCREEN at Carlton Hotel, courtesy of my friend at Geo TV.  Wide Screen, Sound System, Crowd and the Evironment, all perfect for watching this Final Match. People after the match were too damn too excited and happy about the victory. It was good to see Karachites out of their homes, roaming around the city with literally no threat in their minds.

Celebrations like these show as how united and peaceful we are Alhumdulillah. Its just that a few blacksheeps have been creating descriminating thoughts among this truly alive Nation.

May Allah give them peace in their minds and make them think wisely. If not, Allah please make us get rid of these culprits. May Allah, bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan and we stay united as ONE SINGLE NATION.

I don’t really get time to write much now and try reading blogs I know. Just like that i was going through different blogs and found  this_1 and this_2 n this_3 (this post contains more pictures to watch and enjoy the victory)  interesting and worth sharing. Hope you like them!

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Just another Inspirational Speech

by on Apr.12, 2009, under appreciate, Career, Cause, life, World

I just got the chance to watch this inspirational speech of Steve Jobs again that he delivered at Stanford Commencement. I suggest everyone watching this speech and specially those who are currently being affected by the joblessness.

Humesha ki tarha app k Feedback ka Talabgaar 😀

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The PoolGarden

by on Mar.19, 2009, under appreciate, life

I haven’t been able to post much due to a very hectic-femininish-technical-work that made me work almost day & night (of course days in the office and nights into the creation of a website) that initially had the scope of two static pages.

Many thanks to RAMBLER for sharing the work load of that website and Em for his never ending technical support and free of cost advices =D

Funny part of working on this website was that I wasn’t paid off a single penny for that. Instead I had to invest for the purchasing the WEB HOSTING (that was reimbursed). With no offence Mr. Bandukda should be blamed for emotional-blackmailing-for-being-a-volunteer and convincing us to work for this sacred cause (I am still finding the sacred instinct though)

Last but not least The Citizens Foundation, we actually worked for. Here is a small into to them:

TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan. It is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of formal education. As of August 2008 TCF has established 530 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrollment of about 65,000 students. TCF encourages gender diversity by ensuring 50% female enrolment and a full female faculty over 3,550 members.

The above intro has been copied from The Pool garden::About TCF:: Page 🙂

By the way, a confusion is yet to be clarified whether TCF charge FEES to the students or not. People living in the outskirts of the big cities, aren’t being paid off much and most of them are living in a very poor lifestyle. To me, opening up these schools in the outskirts isn’t just enough to become HERO. Keeping in view the amount of donations TCF has been receiving, they should keep it literally FREE making sure that the Quality of Education does not suffer by any means. I hope any of the TCF Personnel could clarify all this to me.

Thanks to Sanober and Romana, who actually asked me to revamp the web layout a number of times, regardless of how much effort would that require. I don’t know whether they considered all the efforts as granted. Since they didn’t have to PAY for these Changes [no 🙁 CRF]
they had no concern how would I manage.

Thanks to Rambler (again) who has been listening to all my complains and unpleasant remarks during the making of this website. And Thanks to Mr. Bandukda, for making my mind for not volunteering ever & ever.

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State of Art Photography

by on Feb.17, 2009, under appreciate, life

Unexpectedly I received a fantastic forward email with the subject of award winning photograph. Apparently it was *just another* email that could contain a stupid joke, pictures of some cute babies or our most typical “forward-this-email-or-you-will-get-into-trouble-in-next-24-hrs” emotional black-e-mail.

Any how just due to the hidden curiosity of the subject, I opened that email and I literally jumped off my seat! The snap taken by who ever was the photographer, has done a splendid job. I couldn’t stop my self sharing this state of art photography.

I am sure The Serial Chiller would come up with something better then that 🙂

Here is it!

State of ART Photography


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New outlook of my wordpress blog

by on Jan.24, 2009, under appreciate, World

I had been thinking of changing the theme of my WordPress blog. Every time it came into my mind, I started searching for a good theme. Specially while browsing the other blogs I was more interested in getting the link of the developer rather then reading ..*!@&#!*@&#@!#&)(!@#^&*@!#…
(Sorry for interruption)

Alright, so holy slowly I kept on searching the theme for about 2 months and then finally I decided to browse through the themes on wordpress.org in their featured projects.

After my AN-THUK hardwork Pixeled Theme designed by Uncle SAM inspired me with its not very simple but unique outlook. A few points that I kept in my mind while choosing this theme was its design, large area for the text-post, better readability and of course a nice footer to play with ads *wink*

By the way that is not it. I have also upgraded my WordPress from 2.6 to 2.7 which has made my back-office operations much more smoother. Its not that difficult to upgrade from any of the WordPress version. You better go through the tutorial and upgrade your wordpress 🙂

You definitely gonna love it! Hail the WordPress Team

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And who says we aren't UNITED ?

by on Jan.05, 2009, under appreciate, Cause, Jinguism, World

I was just going through a blog post in which several pictures of Eid-ul-Adha & HAJJ for the years 2008 were posted. It is indeed a refreshing moment to watch all these pictures. Refresh your self by viewing all these pictures and strengthen your beliefs over Allah, who is the greatest of all. 

View these pictures HERE

Furthermore, being a Muslim keep your spirits high. Our faith to Allah is our key to success. Stay United and be Strong enough to betray the evil thoughts of Kuffars.

Because altogether, WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. 

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Tour de Khartoum – I

by on Aug.10, 2008, under appreciate, Career, E-Banking, life

This is the 5th Day of mine in Khartoum, and still I didn’t find any reason to hesitate in coming here. People living over here are almost like any other country having Arabic culture. Its just the matter of adjusting your self into it let your self enjoy. The Grand Holiday Villa Hote, that i am living in is really good but expensive as compare to the other goods being sold out in the market.

And the very sad thing is, even the internet that is available through wifi is paid. I have to buy an internet scratch card every day as the scratch card gets expired after 24 hrs from the first login. This is what we call 101 ways of earning money =P

Any how the deployment process is going perfectly okie. One of the Bank is completed successfully and the other one needs to have everything tested before I say its completed =). BSSS people are really good in gettings things done in an efficient manner since they have co-operated me to work in the week holidays and even consulted with the Bank Personnel to come in the off timings.

That’s all from my Tour De Khartoum – I. Let’s see what comes in the next volume of it! =) ciao~

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