Killing of honor

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Take it as a disclaimer that by no means I want to support Salman Taseer for his blasphemy act. I am just trying to highlight how fake our love is.

A person got killed in the capital city by his own guard. No matter whoever it was. No matter what he said. He shouldn’t have been punished the way it has been done. In the opionion of many people around us,  all that happened was something that they wanted.


But may I know what the heck we were doing when the blasphemy act was done by Salman Taseer ??  Probably sitting at home and waiting for somebody who could kill him … Right ? I mean no body came out on the roads…. no body protested… no journalist raised his voice, no lawyer stood up and sorry to say, no Suo Moto notice was taken by any Judge. Is this how meaningless love to our Prophet is ??

Answer yourself:
If such blasphemy act by any means had affected our love, how come we were waiting for something to happen itself ?
if it is the only responsibility of Usman Qadri to show his love to his Prophet.
How would we forgive ourself by throwing Usman Qadri into jail and sitting ourself at home and thinking ‘acha huwa jo huwa’
Why didn’t we stood up ourself and SUE Salman Taseer, when we knew constitution could handle such clauses.

Sorry my fellows, we have dual standards. We don’t love Muhammad (PBUH) the way we should. We want things to be done automatically which is not the case in the real world.

Secondly, no one has right to take law into their own hands. If you think something is not being handled properly, go and get those judges that were resotred in the name of justice. Islam do not allow such killing of honors unless proven by the state judiciary system. I would be glad to have an example during the Khilafah regime when somebody was punished unless proven by the court of those times.

Stop being diplomatic. Start loving your prophet not just by killing someone. Love your prophet in a way:

  • That shows from your appearance that you are a prophet lover
  • That spreads peace and prosperity
  • That firm your beliefs in the light of Quran and Sunnah
  • That could actually make everyone say, MashAllah, how good a Muslim is.

May All give us courage, awareness, hidayat for spreading peace and truth and not the hatred environment.

God Bless all of us.

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  1. UTP

    Well said… brother… well said… I second that…

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  3. Maqk

    very true, Perhaps Malik Mumtaz Qadri knew that no one would do any thing on it so took a decisive action!

  4. jingoist

    UTP.. Thank you!

    Maqk.. Sir jee.. If you see someone committing crime (regardless if its religious or ethical) the only responsibility you have is to report it to the law enforcing agencies!

    Punishing urself isn’t the right idea by Mumtaz Qadri!

  5. Sidrah Moiz Khan

    I really liked how you put such a situation in such a simple and straightforward manner. Bravo.

  6. zain

    well some how it’s true, but at the other side of the scene what ever mumtaz qadir did was the right action, once Salahudin ayyubi did the same with a prince he killed him with his sword just because the price said that he will destroy Madina and Garave of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.)Salahauddin’s statement was if he couldn’t kill him then what face he will going to show to his beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.) at the day of judgment… well this is the duty of state as punish by the law, but if the state is silent then some one take the action which Malik did…..

  7. Muhibullah

    The problem with going to courts is that the courts are manned with the same type of ideologically and morally corrupt upper-class people as Mr. Taseer himself. The court might as well have decided that the type of explicit disparagement of the Deen that Mr. Taseer committed in his BBC interview did not constitute blasphemy. Our constitution says that no law contrary to Islam will be allowed but in every case where a law is challenged in court on the basis of being against Islam, the courts have upheld the law. Also whenever someone commits blasphemy and there is a public outcry against him/her, the whole state/upper-class/NGO/establishment machinery gets behind them. Perhaps there is no answer to this dilemma except that individuals from the majority community starts vigilante killing of high profile blasphemers and the community shows their support for the killers to make the upper-class realize that they and their beliefs are not welcome in this country.

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