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  1. t.s.c.

    the score till now is 22 – 1

    i wonder who that 1 person is who believes the awards were not biased …. me thinks that person must have won an award 😛

  2. jingoist

    lolz… so true… may be he is quite biased while submitting his pole (a die hard fan of CIO) and cannot accept the reality!

  3. jingoist

    @jingoist, first the disclaimer i did not win or follow the CIO Awards so i can not comment on what actually happened.
    From your stand point you need to move on, a friendly word of advice if you stay focused on the problem long enough you missed other opportunities.
    First analyze objectively would winning or losing the award made any difference to you, i don’t think that it would have made any difference to your traffic either way, you had your anger you vented it out good enough people came supported your stance another win for you, but if you keep dragging this along it will become personal and your energies would be wasted on negative end, ultimately you will lose because instead of creating lets say another good post on some thing you kept commenting on the older post.
    So life is not always fair specially for us in Pakistan it is not, we suffer every day due to no fault of ours the electricity, crime, inflation, lets create more hope and focus the remaining energies we are left with after cooping with the daily issues on positive areas.
    And as for award, a Bloggers best award is his readers no other thing comes close to that, so focus on them they wait for your next post and don’t care what CIO thinks, and they will be your judge.
    Just my few cents

  4. naveed

    they were.. award jab hogaye then i came to know about it. keh asey bhi koi chese hue hai 😛

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