1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards

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***Post might contain some lines, expressions, feelings, comments which you may not like, but remember it’s just a blogger’s opinion, If somebody is offended.. be that! I am sorry but I will be quite hard with my comments. My sole intention is to make the responsible persons realize there mistakes

Congratulations to CIO Pakistan, Google Pakistan for arranging the 1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards and then feeling bad for the winners for getting it without doing any thing!

It started well, when bloggers started appealing some attention of the world, to showcase their blogs. Then CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan took an initiative of Blog Awards. Nominations were done by themselves or by their reading fans (who in the world have nothing else to do except this)

Lets go through critics on some of the winners who were not at all deserving people for such awards:

  • Best Celebrity Blog | Naveen Naqvi | naveenaqvi.com
  • Is it because, she is the only person who interact with Alpha, Beta, and a few more bloggers??? was there any other celebrity nominated??? If not Why ? CIO people to answer this!

  • Best Culture Blog | Yasir Niaz | yasirniaz.blogspot.com
  • 6 posts in 5 months out of which only one was indirectly related to Pakistan… that was on Kashmir Day… lolz!! CIO Pakistan, did you even check before being so biased??? CIO people to answer this!!

  • Best Fashion Blog | Irfan Ahson | bridalfashions.wordpress.com
  • This was ridiculous! This is a Photo-blog featured by a photographer and not a Fashion designer. Seems like CIO wanted to fit him in the list of blogs??? Why CIO Pakistan, you need to answer this

  • Best Humor Blog | Tazeen | tazeen-tazeen.blogspot.com
  • I don’t know even if she deserves to be read. Criticism is the only thing she knows.. I don’t know where in her posts CIO found so much humor that they awarded her the Award.. ?? CIO people to answer this!

  • Photo Blogger | Muhammad Khabbab | lahoregardening.blogspot.com
  • Lolz… 2nd of its kind….. CIO ??? Did you people have so many categories or your friend list was huge ?? CIO people to answer

  • Business Blog | Salma Jafri | wordpl.net
  • Oh Com’on CIO, just visit this blog again and tell me if this blog falls into this category ?? you must be funny CIO!! Please answer

  • Travel Blog | Nabeel | eatntravel.pk
  • CIO, i wish you could have opened up the blog once before awarding this blog… this is more about food and less about trveling… but obviously CIO has a huge list of friends… kuch na kuch to dena he tha!

  • Best Personal Blog | Salman Latif | salmanlatif.wordpress.com
  • What a category… Hats off to CIO…. as if many individual bloggers are running non-personal blogs lolz..

  • Best Individual Blogger | Awais Aftab | awaisaftab.blogspot.com
  • Arrnndd what a category again… Were so many bloggers were doing non-individual blogging?? CIO to answer this!!

  • Best Automobile Blog | Mohammad Khan | caradvice.pk
  • Total of 3 posts in the past 8 months??? CIO did you even open up this blog ? CIO to answer this

  • Best Technology (International) Blog
  • 4 Awards in the same category?? I must say, CIO has very large friend’s circle. And yes, CIO is a very good Friend too… they never forget anyone to award their friends whether they have to give 100 awards in the same category.

  • Best Online Community Blog | Yasir Nisar | www.flickr.com/groups/pakistaniphotographers
  • Where in the world Communities/Forums/Discussion Groups came under the category of BLOG??? CIO you have already awarded so much to your friends… Stop doing that!!

  • Live Blogger | Fariha Akhtar
  • I would appreciate if CIO could shed some light on the term LIVE BLOGGER?? isn’t she awarded because she is the most active person who Retweets Alpha, Neena, Gamma. Is she awarded because she always say yes, yes, yes to what they say?? CIO you were so keen to award her that you didn’t even bother specifying her blog on the website!! CIO must answer this

  • Tech hardware | Abdullah Saad | wccftech.com
  • CIO, frogod sake you already awarded so much in the category of the buzz word “TECH”, I must say CIO people are so generous to award their friends.

  • Best Live Photo Blogger | Jamal Ashiqain | karachiart.blogspot.com
  • WTF!! 7 posts in total in the year 2010. CIO, just visit this blog once and you will realize that this blog is featuring ART and not any LIVE Event?? CIO must answer this!

  • Best Blog Aggregator | Asim Imtiaz, Ammar Yasir, Asad Ullah and Hamza Zafar | teabreak.pk
  • haha!! Ammar Yasir, a person who can live without Food & Electricity but not without facebook, always ready to say YES, YES, YES to Alpha, Neena, Gaama…!!! hud hai CIO… did you even consider any other aggregator for this?? CIO must answer this

  • Best Industry Support | Jehan Ara
  • Awww, How CIO can forget the bestest Member. How funny to see that CIO being organizer awarding its own Member… lol… Shame on You CIO!!

I didn’t comment on the ones that i found to be appropriate and where luckily the arrow of CIO got a bit accurate. CIO must be ashamed of what ever have they done.
All bloggers someway or the other condemn the acts of Governmental Bodies including President by claiming that incompitent people have been appointed just to be generous and by awarding ministries to their beloved friends. They have been raising their voice through their platform in order to bring awareness so that such activities could be avoided in future.

I feel sorry for all the bloggers to be associated with so much biased/unprofessional blog awards. They were completely biased .. Improfessional .. Generous enough to be award to their beloved friends .. Just like our government does that

This is Big Shame to CIO … you just lost your credibility!!

This is a request to all the bloggers. Self evaluate your self because a person never lie to himself. Stay away from people with biased mentality. Stop being favourite of any organization. Beleive in your self identity and not by associating with such organizations. Spread a good cause. Spread it independently with your best knowledge without having any biasness. We need to get things rectified for the sake of this country. Be honest to this world and to your self.

With such attributes together, we can bring alot of change to the best of part of this world… The Land of Pure, Pakistan!

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  1. mani

    dam right jingoists !! Un fair and bi-ased awards. Look at the category of best individual blogger. Rai Azlan travelled 22 hrs for this. He has 208 votes at 4.59 rating. His competitor Beenish Qureshi got 209 votes at 4.71 rating. They both were not given any award instead some one of CIO steals it. Jehan got the award without any categgory just because CIO had to do it. We condemn this.

  2. Beenish Qureshi

    Excellent post! The awards were biased. Specially put off by the Jury awards at the end. It seemed like the blog awards were for friends of the organizers not actually the bloggers of Pakistan!

  3. Ammar Haider

    Great Post dude. Agree with biased nature here. i mean look at Tech category. 4 awards. What was the criteria actually? Most active posts, most votes, most visitors, most interaction on blog, that was suppose to be the main areas to look for right. But look at all those blogs who are just there for the sake of being there.

  4. Leena S

    thats called “bander baant” i think 😛

  5. Tazeen

    Re: Best Culture Blog

    6 posts in 5 months! I could write 250 in 5 months, CIO. How’s that for a change?

    Down with fake awards.

  6. Dinky Mind

    Jingo, you were there??? Why did we not meet?
    ANd honestly, itna prejudiced event tha koi. Nobody’s writing anything positive about CIO and this event, except for “Congratulations to CIO for organizing the 1st ANNUAL (let’s face more biasness next year) Bloggers Awards.

    Did you listen to the conference part of that event? It was so boring, so dead boring, that when people started yawning, they were felt ashamed of it. Come on, itna boring event tha. Oh, and did you notice people only clapped when they were asked to. I guess that was enough to convey this message to CIO that the event is a failure!

    It was a complete waste of time. We had this table in front of ours where all the techies were posing with their awards. I mean, everyone on the table got the award!!! 4 awards for the same category? That was plain insanity. Aur jin logoan ko award nahi mil sakta tha, CIO “created” categories for them!

    Argh! I can keep on writing about it.

  7. Ammar Haider

    I have read so many write ups and everyone was praising CIO. No Doubt they did a great job by actually giving all the bloggers a recognition and a platform to be known. But seriously the awards winners and biased nature took over the good efforts.
    I am surely bookmarking this page to see what other people got to say.

  8. mani

    what worse can an event start like !! Rabia Garib first mentioned that we’ll start the ceremony our cultural way and then she as our cultural way is music. When did this become culture. We were born with the name of Allah and thats how we start. That’s our culture. Not music. Shame on you CIO. And fail jury and fail and boring boring boring panel !!

  9. Ammar Faheem

    This is what happens when a handful of ‘opportunists’ who are not even bloggers (or have become after joining the club as non-bloggers) take over the show.

    I am glad I did not nominate myself for the awards, although I did vote for a few people. From day 1 I had this inkling feeling it was going to be biased and hearing you all talk about it and seeing the results, I am almost sure it would have been.

    CIO must, however, be congratulated for trying to do something positive. I’m sure, if nothing else, they would have earned a healthy amount out of sponsors for the event.

  10. Sardar Mohkim Khan

    Think of the TEDXKarachi – that’s another lame one one in the making –

  11. $$$

    I am glad to see there are still a few people around in the small Pakistani blogosphere who can recognize a hostile takeover of an open community by people with commercial interests – as that is all it is, and it is a very profitable formula too. Here are the steps for the uninitiated:

    1- Take ownership of a domain by patting each other on the back, multiple times, while holding a can of Redbull.
    2- Show your sponsors (Dell, Nokia and whoever else you can grab) how you are the leaders of the blogosphere with a very active ‘following’
    3- Grab the phrase “Pakistan Blog Awards” – as there is nobody else using it, gives your commercial venture an air of authority.
    4- Launch a site and ask people to nominate themselves, and then ask them to spam all their twitter and facebook friends to drive them to the site to vote for them – the more friends you have, the better your blog must be, right?
    5- Grab a few million rupees from the sponsors, after showing them the public interest (a few thousand hits per category), which proves that you are the leaders of the pakistani blogosphere.
    6- Profit. And preparation for next year.

    The rest of the story, you already know.

    By the way, I did not want to write a blog post about the fiasco as I’ve heard that ‘they’ have a habit of emailing critics instead of posting comments on the critical post – which might seem strange to a blogger but the blogosphere owners are the trendsetters and can do whatever they want 🙂

  12. $$$

    BTW, your blog needs the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin.

  13. jingoist

    $$$ .. let me arrange it for you shortly.!

  14. Ammar Faheem

    So well said, $$$, this is exactly what I have thought about these ‘opportunists’ ever since there existence. It is an irony to see some very prominent bloggers apparently supporting them.

    I have blogged for over 4 years, when the term ‘blog’ was alien to Pakistan. It is hurtful to see non-bloggers milking this little community for commercial benefit.

    I like your little step-by-step analysis.

  15. $$$

    Thanks for the plugin. I see you arguing with the jehanara fan club over twitter right now. Why don’t you ask them to bring on the debate here on this comment thread, where it will stay for others to read and decide, instead of getting buried in the twitter timeline? That’s what blogs are for.

  16. yasser

    Criticism always good if done with Positivity, i don’t mind your post at all. just some suggestion please remove the word uthao or something like that
    Thank You
    Kind Regards..

  17. Rhazes

    I am not a blogger myself but have been following most of these people on twitter and elsewhere. It is obvious that the judges, organisers and the recipients are a small clique of acquaintances. Just look at the travesty of four people getting awarded in a single category, all four known to be good friends with the organisers.

    I do acknowledge the fact that holding of this award ceremony is a step in the right direction, and CIO should be commended for that, but this in no way should detract us from highlighting the blatant biasness that was on display at the awards.

  18. sadsid

    finaly some one comes out and calls a spade a damn biased spade. 1stly there shudnt have been a blog awards to begin with.

    who & how can anyone judge how good or bad a blog is, bloggers need readers not awards , there shud have been a blogopshere talk instead or something to that effect.

    2nd how does naveen naqvi even qualify for a celebrity? she’s not a celebrity. she was at one-time then she got into news anchoring , got downsized & is now a wanna-be journalist. has she been writing what it was like being a celebrity back in the 90s? nope , so wat is this celebrity blog award all about.

  19. Ali K.Chishti

    Interesting thoughts and interacts. For the devils defense, let’s give credit to CIO/Rabia/Salaina and Badar to actually hosting and taking the initiative or the series of initiatives they had took for the past couple of years and more. Having said that, I absolutely agree with the ‘reward of awards’ to bloggers – apparently, one table ruled the roost and the whole process was a bit shady. I am sure they could improve things for the better next time around.
    BTW, Sarfaraz Sahib and yours truly had discussed this in detail an will Insh’Allah be taking an initiative to organize a similar event – shortly.

  20. Rambler

    First lets appreciate the effort that they did manage to bring blogging in the limelight.

    I had a feeling when they started who’ll win the awards no matter how much the blog or not and sure they did. It was a simple no-brainer! Yes, there’s some biasness but nothing is fair, right?

    And I don’t think jingo-lala is making personal attacks on anybody. He’s just voicing his opinion in what he felt like was open biasness towards a few set of people. There were a lot of nominations and a few people who weren’t active bloggers or had the quality went on to win which would definitely set eyes rolling.

  21. Talha

    Well, you are right! The awards were biased and also the CIO excluded some categories without any notice and those blogs which got excluded were one of the best, like the literature blog. I hope the next time, awards are neutral!

  22. Talha

    And also, what was the use of voting if votes were not to be counted?

  23. Abdul Hameed Kath

    Great write up Jingoism, and thanks for coming up with our voices.

    This was the event I was dieing to attend and for which I sent a couple of direct emails to Rabia apart from filling up my registration form on the web…! Thanks Rabia for registering my name. I was on top of the guests list.

    It indeed was a great show to some extent like it provided all the bloggers with an opportunity to interact, to know and to chat with each other on various untold stories and to comment on each others beauty, looks, physique, weights and attire etc. (since most of them were meeting each other for the 1st or 2nd time). Thanks to organizers for providing them all with a tea-break opportunity for doing all the above activities.

    The start of the program was missed by me but I’m mentally shattered to note, as mentioned by ManiPro, that the show was not started with the recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran but with a (cultural) song.
    Duhhhhh!!! (CIO/ Google, please mind that we all are Muslims and are living in Pakistan, so kindly always start your proceedings with the name of Allah).

    Well, not due to being the show was quite boring but due to my preoccupation, I could not attend the entire show but saw some of the bloggers receiving their awards and listened to some of the Panelists (a bit of it).

    Late night, after the Blog Awards Ceremony I got an update from one of my colleagues and came to know that almost the entire judgment of the Awards distribution was biased and one sided. Moreover, some unknown categories were added on the spot and the Awards were given to all the friends and family members, which was quite shocking news for me. It seemed (but not sure) that the management of CIO or Google had a lot of pressure and/or some prior commitments with friends and families to pay off and by doing this they must have been thinking that they have paid off and their assignment is finished… but no, a big “NO”, as this has started a new Pandora box and a big question mark on the credibility of the entire management of Pakistan Blog Awards.

    Let’s see what they have to say on this!

  24. Ayesha

    I have already written on it 🙂 so you can read my comments on the event there: http://www.ayesha.thalassemia.com.pk/2010/06/02/1st-annual-pakistan-blog-awards/

  25. Jingoist


    @Ayesha, your writeup was inspiration for me to write my post! =D

  26. Syed Sumair Zafar

    well i guess judges should be neutral and not from CIO….beside all favoritism a nice and new event to encourage netizens….

    cheers and hope for the best

  27. Ammar Haider

    Well i remember attending a Dine up by Dell back in December when this blog awards were announced. Someone asked what will be the criteria. and thats what organizers replied.

    1. 50% votes on blogaward site
    2. and rest 50% will be based on quality of content, number of visitors. Number of interactions on blog (like those in commments)

    But the thing is confusing me that the nominations were done by actually by either bloggers him self or by their friends. Did CIO or Google actually added any one by their own? .

    and then awarding Tech bloggers , 4 awards in single category. OK i admit that they all were great. their post quality was marvelous so it was hard to choose nyone. but wasn’t it about choosing the best one among them? choosing the one who has some extra edge. but rather they decided to awarding everyone. certainly raising questions of the credibility and fair judgment.

    And how about those blogs, with no post in month and no interaction by readers at all.

    well i think Jehan Ara deserve the award, coz of his contribution in IT development in Pakistan as a PASHA president and a blogger it self. So i think its nt fair to include her in the list.

    Some might be thinking that author and those commenting here are actually whining coz they didn’t won it. I didn’t nominated my self or neither asked nyone to do so, coz i believed that i am not worthy of it and i don’t deserve the award, since i am not being regular in posting and with my content which is not up to that standard.

    Just to clear things up. No one here is talking bad abt BlogAwards at all. Rabia Garib , CIO team and Badar deserve appreciation. It was great , n seriously great show to gather whole blogging community. I have seen people commenting that they were glad to meet those bloggers, senior bloggers, whom work has inspired them to write. But the point is, this whole awards distribution was rewarding close allies, with few exceptions.

    But its never too late. I hope next year it will be a good show in term of fair judgment.

  28. ADosani

    Very true about the four awards for the same ‘Technology Blogger’ category, want to add a point here: At least two of the bloggers with names similar to ‘sizzle’ are obvious ‘copy/pasters’, 90% of their posts are merely rephrased version of actual posts from genuine international technology blogs (like gizmodo). In my opinion with this practice, they dont even qualify for being called ‘bloggers’.

    BTW this post really needs to rephrase some language stuff like @yasser said.

  29. Jingoist

    @yasser & @ADosani … words have already been removed.

    Lemme know if there is something else to be removed.

  30. teh vader

    and hey ppl, do you know….one of the tech blog winners, didnt even nominated himself for the awards…it was all honorary…and those who does, got nothing but thin air, and an awesome goodie bag!
    congrats cio, you made us feel proud!

  31. Jingoist

    Lolz… I really feel sorry for you teh vader :$

  32. Salman, Khwaja

    Amazing post dude. You are hereby ripping off everybody and driving the traffic to your blog. Nice strategy.

    You are quite right in this sense, but do keep in mind, that we are not a Content Generating Country.

    We still need a good Content Generation Blog, not an Aggregation Blog. People already are using Bloglines / Google Reader for those purposes. I still do not understand the need for TeaBreak for an average user? I mean, it looks a great traffic magnet, but other than that, no quality content. The developers behind it did an amazing job for aggregating news feeds and publish it on site, but come on.

    One more point, you blog is not linked to Word press Open ID, I suppose. Because, when I was logged in to Word press, your comment post didn’t recognize me.

  33. Jingoist

    I didn’t mean to rip off any one Salman bhai!! The only intention was to highlight the biasness of CIO Pakistan and their favouritism!!
    I mean why bloggers complain govt if CIO (who claims to be their platform) is doing the same kind of activities!

    I by no means intented to drive traffic to my website. I have been running this blog for last 2 years and I never did such activity that could drive traffic!

    I shared this post the same way as I used to do earlier. Tweet it to my tweeples and updated my status on facebook … thts it!

    I hope you would help me spread the right cause!

  34. Beenish Qureshi

    Also i would like to mention you cannot standardize blog quality, how can you judge individual opinions? yes maybe writing style or contribution in the particular category can be standardized. But it should be clear as per the judgement criteria. Secondly I really love the writing style of some of the bloggers who won the Jury award like Sana Saleem and Fariha or Jehan Ara. But is it fair to add additional categories on the spot? And yes Jehan Ara’s contribution is amazing but she was one of the judges of the awards, maybe they could be given shields of contribution to the industry rather than awards.

    Yes appreciate the initiative taken by the teams of CIO, Google but the judgments should be fair and transparent. And no I am not whining because i did not win an award because my blog didn’t even fit in the categories that were provided for the awards so it was a misfit anyway. I was nominated by someone else for cultural award :S and i chose the Individual blogger because it seemed the most closest to my writing style. Add a category for me next time; Like Opinion blog or social responsibility blog or remind people abt ethics blog 😀

    Apart from that Rabia, Jehan, Salaina and everyone else in the organizers/judges you guys are wonderful people and these posts/comments mean no offense. Hope this is taken as positive criticism because yes we as bloggers will be saying what we feel 🙂

  35. teh vader

    why shud you feel sorry for me bro?, I didnt even nominated myself for award….cause I am not skillful to grab one, thats what i think…and ironically, i dont have any close friendships with the insiders too…. :/

  36. $$$

    As one of the people being criticized rightly said that you can’t please everyone… so it is a safer bet to please the people you know – i.e. the ones who would please you back. No self-respecting blogger would ‘nominate’ ones own self for such commercial awards, neither would that blogger demand validation from a bunch of people whose main interest is in getting sponsorships.
    The only thing that bothers me in this incident is that old-boys’ networks have started to take concrete shape in the young Pakistani IT scene already, and the counterparts of Zardaris and Sharifs in our IT and blogosphere will soon rise and stand up on a pedestal. Interesting times ahead.

  37. A.H. Kath

    Hahaha !!!
    I liked your viewpoint $$$ and am looking forward to see that time to come.

  38. Dinky Mind

    Awards were surely not given on the criteria mentioned on the website. I know quite a lot of people who’ve recently started blogging and they write 2 posts a day just to stay “active” in blogsphere. Where does the quality content part go?

    Valid categories were deleted without notice, and the most lamest categories were introduced so that “the friends” get the awards.

    And I second Talha. What really was the use of voting if they were not to be considered?

    I really cant figure out on what basis did the Best Humor Blog award was given. I thought it would be HugeLOL or at least any other really humorous blog.

    @Beenish Qureshi: Jehan Ara and Naveen Naqvi got shields besides their awards because they were in the panel. Shouldn’t the panelists be different from the award winners?

  39. Beenish Qureshi

    Yes thats what i am saying, they should not have gotten awards. Recognition and honor for great work is appreciated but they should not be getting awards. And as far as panelists are concerned.. they can be same but sorry these panelists were so so so boring!

  40. Mohammad Nawaz

    Ok I think I’ll just not think about contributing here, since its all bias here too… not that I have anything against you guys, or against the people at CIO or P@SHA or Google. I didn’t attend because I thought it better to take the opportunity of the weather and enjoy with my team at the beach. Otherwise I’d sure have attended.

    Frankly, I believe you guys need to get your facts straightened out. Period!

    And yes, perhaps you can come up with a better and more “impartial” arrangement and really make it worth attending?

    Ah yes, TEDx Karachi is an intellectual discussion. Don’t mix it up with Blog Awards or any other such event. Its a properly licensed event which also has the TED Curator coming over to Karachi.

  41. Imran Hussain

    On what basis are you accusing me or Taimur ( I’m not speaking on behalf of the Saad and Haris who also won in the Best International Technology blog category ) of winning the awards because of being friends with CIO?

    Do you have any other deserving winners in mind in this category?

  42. $$$

    Imran: I think the author’s (very valid) point is that there can not be FOUR (not one or two but FOUR) “best” technology blogs. Simple. Do you disagree?

  43. Imran Hussain

    I read accusations here:

    “4 Awards in the same category?? I must say, CIO has very large friend’s circle. And yes, CIO is a very good Friend too… they never forget anyone to award their friends whether they have to give 100 awards in the same category.”
    Couple this with being compared to Zardari and Shariffs.

    If the author isn’t happy with the decisions, there are better ways of raising his voice than accusing EVERYBODY of winning because of relations with the organizers. This is very offensive and if the author thinks he has done the right thing, I disagree.

  44. $$$

    To repeat myself, the author has use the phrase “in the same category” twice – without any names.
    So again, Imran, four best blogs in the same category – unavoidable, or a joke? Do you think the four blogs are competing so neck-to-neck that there was no chance of one coming up on top, or some BS like that? Honestly?
    I don’t think the “decisions” are the issue with the author, but the fact mentioned above.

  45. Imran Hussain

    “there was no chance of one coming up on top, or some BS like that? ”
    If all this is BS to you, no wonder.
    Everybody here seems to be speaking out of ignorance and not knowledge. Maybe trying to find out the statistics, impact and popularity of the blogs would help.
    Again, I’m not speaking on behalf of all 4 blogs, but mine and Taimur’s only.

  46. $$$

    Forget about my ignorance for a while, I am an ignorant human being who will be ignorant till the day he dies – Though a “best” blog does not really have to be about statistics, but as “traffic”, “CPM” and “Pageviews” seem to be the criteria of a blog being “the best”, so answer me a simple thing:

    what formula was used to rank the blogs against each other to find the winner, you know, like the Grammies, or the Oscars. Were the organizers really SO impressed by all four of the blogs that they couldn’t decide which one is the best, or did they not want to offend anyone and so aimed to please everyone.

    One, two, three, four winners for the same category. Sounds like a big nepotistic joke to me.

  47. Jingoist


    Lemme direct the same that that I have specified in my post as well…. my sole intention is to highlight people who are responsible of this biasness!! i.e. CIO

    I have no personal grude against any one! You would find it funny that this list includes many of my good friends who are angry on me as well!

    At any cost I will not stay away from spreading the truth! We are all answerable to Allah! so as CIO!

    And just a extract from your comment “Again, I’m not speaking on behalf of all 4 blogs, but mine and Taimur’s only” >>> do you agree that rest of the two blogs were awarded due to biasness or you dis-own them?

  48. Jingoist

    if one fine day I found CIO to be honest while honoring someone…Trust me, I’ll be the first to praise them!

    TV Channels and Print Media has also losts its credibility for publishing *Mirch* *Masala* walee khabrein!!

    To my knowledge Ammar Yasir consider himself to be the most literate blogger on earth (That is his way of being down to earth) and he doesn’t seems to agree on my post for even a single category!!

    C`mon so many people from different domains and ages have already commented that there was some biasness!!

    We should spread truth and do not close our eyes when we are getting incentive out of it! C`mon this is not something revolutionary!!

    Evaluate your self…
    and yes I am open to any comment. Even if Ammar Yasir or Fariha comes to me and ask me to correct something I ll do that!!

  49. Aamir Attaa

    I was once offered an Award from a company based in Karachi (back in 2009), they said they will award me for pata nahi koun si category,

    (I was promised for award even before the nominations)

    They said, i will be given a chance to speak before a huge audience on this n this topic, top industry ppl are coming bohat bara event hay fla dhamkaa ho janay wala hay

    Khair, at the end of email was written

    Rs. 500,000 for Gold Sponsor
    Rs. 300,000 for pata nahi koun sa sponsor and so on..

    I replied that i am not the person who can speak on the said topic with authority. I advised them some alternate speakers from local industry. And they were like: No prob, you choose a topic of your choice – we got no issue with that.

    Not talking about this particular award ceremony, but seriously, merits in our local market for awarding someone are really pathetic.

    Recently, there was this guy awarded by APNS for best PR person in year 2006, and guess what? He had joined Public Relations dept in 2008. Earlier he was branding/marketing person.

    I have so many other examples to quote here, but guys listen, who told you that its about merit? ethics? and not strictly BUSINESS?

  50. Jingoist

    I am glad my voice is being heard!

    @Aamir, Thank you for commenting. As I mentioned earlier, what happened has happened, we as a blogger should not act like govt, TV Channels, print media, just to do business!!
    We are not into business!

    We are here to bring the change in our community.. rather a positive change that can resolve many problems!

    I am sure together we can bring drastic change in the society and stop spreading the fake culture and dishonesty!

  51. Jabran

    OK. You missed one category to cover. 🙂 Best News Media Award.

    Guy has not only change the topic title but also neither mention the author name nor linked it back to its origin (http://propakistani.pk/2010/05/24/ata-abad-lake-on-google-maps-input-requested-from-contributors/). I wonder people talking about civilian laws and responsibilities all the time cannot see copyrights breach before awarding the plagiarised blog..

  52. Rumaisa Mohani

    I am not residing in Pakistan at the moment and just got the news and views about these awards mainly from twitter friends. The awards should have some solid, tried and tested procedure for the selection of the awardees. Otherwise they will lose their credibilty. Indeed this was the first time, the blogger community of Pakistan was given some recognition, but this could be done by some other event, like a Grand Meetup of bloggers or establishing an association/ body looking after the matters relating to bloggers’ affairs. A Bloggers Magazine / e-zine could be started… there may be many more ideas… lets stay united 🙂

  53. Jingoist

    I agree to your point of staying united. We being bloggers can bring a positive change into this society! 🙂

  54. Maqk

    Ufffffffff, me lazy won’t bother to read all comments
    Dont know much about blogs waghera either, but I can say ou can expect from them things like that in the end you know. Some said rightly, “Bander Baant”

  55. Maryam

    Hmmm so do you need my comments too ? Well I can’t comment on the criteria that was used to award blogs and bloggers as I am completely ignorant on that topic, I so wish that I also had a blog . If I was a part of that event perhaps I was able to give some comments in a better way.

    I just know answer to one question that you have asked though that is not for me but for CIO.

    “I would appreciate if CIO could shed some light on the term LIVE BLOGGER?? ”

    “Live blogging is basically taking notes, photos, or recordings at lectures, conferences, and presentations of what was said and posting it to your blog.”
    I actually googled this term and found some articles about live blogging .

    http://ideashut.com/idea/pakistan-blog-awards-2010/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+IdeasHutBlog+(Ideas+Hut+Blog) is an example of how Fariha covers the events and yes she is friend but I am not being biased . This is really an appreciable effort that she takes .

    I hope the concerned people will clarify the matter and answer your questions .

  56. Tahir Anjam

    we see some mis-categories some wrong winners but it was the first experience and i think it was a good ceremony after all. i think we will see more from CIO and Google Pakistan next year.

  57. F.K

    Anytime someone commits to an endevour like blog awards they cannot be perfect..for the same reason beenish has given above..basically the awards are the opinion of a set panel of judges and cannot represent the opinion of or please the entire community of people participating.

    If you say how did they judge someone not to be worthy of an award the same principle can be applied the other way..it is not an easy task, CIO should get recognition for what it has done they did their best to put on an awards ceremoney and with all this input perhaps they can do a better job next year.

    I recommended jingoist to remove the names and just talk about the catagory..as names means personal attacks and i can see some of them in the comments. Guys being nominated by your peers is not award enough?? It was for me…below are some of the areas in which i think improvements can be made.

    1) Set a clear transparent formula for awards.. have people from outside the community judge them and please dont give awards to judges..the shields btw were for participation in the discussion panels and there is nothing wrong with that.

    2) When you speak of encouraging new bloggers atleast see the content of the blog you are awarding..and whether there are better un nominated options out there.. cafe pyala did not get an award..it is the most happening blog in the pakistani blogsphere today put any formula on it and it will win although i dunno who will come collect the award.

    3) The tech award should have been given to one blogger, all of them are great no doubt but there must be one that is greater.

    4) Special categories at the last moment suggest nepotism and behind the door decisions. There is no doubt that the people who got these awards deserve recognition of their work but that does not have to mean it is done in a way which will lead to them losing credibility.

    5) next time perhaps the panel of dicussion can include more bloggers and less people from the corporate world so a balance can be achieved..heck set some msm journos and bloggers on one another that would be interesting.

    All of this said..i will again say this was an event to remember but is it going to be remembered for the right reasons?

    Not everyone can win an award yes..accepted but can the CIO team not accept that there were some areas that can be improved upon?

    In the end i would like to state that atleast in my catageory when i lost i felt proud just to be there with the likes of CHUP and ATP, no award was worth more than what rai said on mike…that was my award and i will always cherish it.

    I would urge all of you to stop thinking of alternate awards but get more involved in the next CIO blog awards in every process and then if you feel like you are being trampled do as you wish.

  58. just another blogger

    waho waho activity on this page is high. But seriously, let me ask you why are you praising the event? Do we really need such jugglery events that are decorated in big halls with couple of hundred people dinning there?

    I didn’t know CIO was an event management company and not a publishing house. They can earn dollars by arranging parties for the public as well. but please hire Salman Ahmed for guitars next time

    When the core essence of awards was missing, whats the benefit of such event? Whats the advantage of this glowing ceremony that had nothing in it?

    CIO is trying to hijack blogsphere by becoming a champion powered by few friends and family.

    Those who are saying it was first blog award so lets ignore the mistakes but why? Who gave anyone this authority to steal the awards from deserving?

    Didnt CIO take enough time to decide and to go through all the blogs? In fact they were late by 6 months.

    Almost empty blogs were awarded while huge blogs with much followership, comments and popularity were undermined.

    Just talk about this humor category, if CIO had any sense, dufferistan.com was undoubtedly the winner.

    Shame on you CIO

  59. Dinky Mind

    Exactly! I also believe Dufferistan is far better than that “humor blog” :/

  60. M. M.

    As far as the Best Personal Blog and Best Individual Blogger categories are concerned, I agree the categories aren’t much different from each other. However, as far as the final selection is concerned, it was unbiased. I personally know these people and I can say FOR SURE that they’ve no friendly contacts whatsoever with the CIO Pakistan. (:

  61. jingoist

    No biasness… even I read duffuristan blog!!

    @F K… I appreciate the detailed comment you have given, But lemme gimme an example to you… when the govt do such act of getting biased with any one… we the bloggers along with TV Channels and the PRINT media do quote the names of Responsible Ppl and also of those who got benefited out of it!

    You might feel strange but the list I have accussed have some of my good friends as well! But let the truth be unveiled!!

    Somebody has to pay the price for that… this time I guess its CIO and My friends!

  62. jingoist

    Thank you for Commenting and congratulations M.M for winning the award. Your blog didn’t come under my critics cuz of the reason that I found it applicable for what you won!

    I would humbly suggest going through some of the blogs i have mentioned that I guess shouldn’t have been nominated in All Pakistan Platform!

    Will be waiting for your feedback!

  63. jingoist

    @Maryam … just like you googled around… I would have appreciated if CIO could have mentioned this in the list of award winners!

    But they weren’t bothered or had something in their mind that somebody could raise voice!!

    I won’t reveal as how I know her but that would have been appreciated if they could straightened up my facts!!

    I am open-heartedly accepting all comments! 🙂 and I have no personal grudge against any one!

  64. Maryam

    @jingoist Nahee that was my ignorance not CIO’s fault. It is ok if your or I do not know meanings of some words or terms but if someone uses those , that is not their fault. You can ask them directly or check the dictionary or just google those (if those are tech terms) before accusing them . 🙂

  65. Jingoist


    You got me wrong this time 🙂
    I pointed that just the way you googled out the URL of her efforts… CIO could have specified on the winners list on their website….

    They didn’t mention any URL/BLOG and yet awarded somebody to which no one is aware of!

  66. F.K

    @ Jingoist please do not expect people to take you seriously when you start comparing CIO to the government of Pakistan. CIO may have made mistakes but they are not indulging in wholesale corruption murder or fraud of any kind, a bit of nepotism in giving awards in not equal to or of the same paramount importance as looting a country..they have not looted the bloggers of anything.

    Some of the comments on this post are beyond me, dufferistan is funny to some Tazeen’s blog to others..i think tazeens blog is pretty witty as well and this is how people have diff opinions..if you say Cio’s is wrong how can you say yours is right? By what measure are you saying one blog is more funny then the next? Who is judging this?

    What we all need to do is move on..or if you feel you are capable then host your own blog awards from next year, hosting another awards right now and awarding everyone who did not get the CIO awards will look pretty foolish in my view.

  67. Jingoist

    Tht would be indeed a foolish act 🙂

    I do understand your point FK and my post by no means is intended to override anyones opinion. I am accepting the comments open heartedly.

    Secondly I didn’t mean duffuristan shud have been awarded for that!

    My points remains there with some of unexpected blog awards that doesn’t even fall for those categories and a few not even qualify for nominations.

    And my point of view in comparing CIO & GOV was that k these kind of acts are in the grass root level of our society. We start from these kind of acts and move on with the big ones!!

  68. americanising desi

    dunno! never paid heed to this paki community of writers anyway – i wasnt made a part of anything so i dont wanna even consider if they were biased or not!

  69. Appreciations that I received | Jingoism

    […] stop being senti=| I am greatful to those commentators who have shared their opinions against that post. Just wanted to share some of the comments that were really amazing and gave inspiration none of […]

  70. Appreciations that I received | Tea Break

    […] stop being senti=| I am greatful to those commentators who have shared their opinions against that post. Just wanted to share some of the comments that were really amazing and gave inspiration none of […]

  71. Sana

    And here look at me, I didnt even know there was about to be such an event, Aik do nominations main bhe krwa laite shayd kuch mil jata 😛 Its good that we still have people who dont pressurize themselves under false influences and raise their voice against such events.

  72. Hamad

    Dear Jingoist,

    The awards might appear that way to you. They could be a little weird, biased or not up to the expectations but I think I have a story to share. They also decided to give me an award in the category of music blog. You might like to check my blog here http://www.koolmuzone.com

    Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this award. I had a fight with Rabia Garib almost 3 months before the award ceremony and I had quit the awards. I didn’t get votes and I didn’t participate in the competition. No one from CIO knows me. All that Rabia Garib knows is that I fought with her and I have not been retweeting or even mentioning her or @JehanAra much.

    Yet for some reason they decided to give me an award. That said, I know one thing for sure, they might have had biased opinions at some point in time, but the awards in general weren’t for “friends” as you put it. Because I’m no friend to them.


  73. Second Pakistan Blog Awards by CIO Faces severe criticism | Green & White

    […] Jingoist take on 1st blog awards held in 2010   I feel sorry for all the bloggers to be associated with so much biased/unprofessional blog awards. They were completely biased .. Improfessional .. Generous enough to be award to their beloved friends .. Just like our government does that Jingoist Take on First blog awards […]

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