Facebook ban… isolation or protest

by on May.20, 2010, under Blogs I Follow

Alot of people around my table @ work were quite sad due to the facebook ban. They consider it as an isloation for not interacting with there social network (available @ facebook) and on the same hand, quite worried about the boredom during working hours. Facebook has been an affective tool to overcome the boredome specially for the timewasters.
Though it was expected, i have so far received 5 invitations of twitter following as the traffic is going to move to twitter now. Facebook users are really sad about this ban 🙂 and they can’t really live without social networking

On the other hand, I got so many texts from different people (including those who used to spend more than 4 hours on facebook daily) congratulating me about the facebook ban. They are happy about it and so am I.

Teeth Maestro highlighted that

On one hand they are quick to delete the facebook page of a civil activist group [Peoples Resistance] which was organizing street protests in Karachi on the mere whim that we might be promoting hatred and violence, while in reality we were peacefully protesting against a military dictatorship, our democratic right – that group was deleted quickly and the administrators were issued warnings, this group continues to reign supreme raking over 34,400 fans since April 25th

Now this point directs us towards the descrimination of Facebook Management as how they take freedom of speech and violation of their policies. Recently Molly Norris has also published a disclaimer on her website declaring her disassociation with the campaign. I cannot find any other reason for facebook to be reported as abuse. I guess LHC ban should not be lifted and remain permanent unless faceook realizes the fact that we are in majority contributors of their earnings.
I didn’t find facebook ban as an isolation. I consider it to be a protest. Either by not signing in or by putting a ban.

A protest we must do

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  1. Leena S

    apparently FB is concerned about the ban in Pakistan, they are now thinking of ways to get their 4.5 million users back

  2. jingoist

    Sounds good! 🙂

    isn’t it ?

  3. Maqk

    Wow I love it – I was a 7-8 hour FB user but I love this ban, its gr8 it will save my time man

    on the other hand, FB has lost lots of users you know – so if they hate us, in the reply we can do this, its our right

    hey FB, we can live withou u as happy as ever 😛

  4. jingoist

    @Maqk… ye cheez 🙂

  5. Leena S

    how many websites will be banned? PTA seems to have banned pretty much everything. We need to tell the world that we are hurt and its an attack on our religious, social and cultural values but we need to do something in a more diplomatic way. We cannot simply block youtube, flickr, wikipedia…who knows google might be next.

  6. Leena S

    watch this video if youtube is working for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ci1VmxtPb0

  7. jingoist

    No its not 🙂
    I ll check it sometime later!

  8. naveed

    truth to be told i am my self happy about it 😀

  9. jingoist

    Thanks for commenting Naveed. 🙂

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