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A Host was interviewing a renowned personality of that time in front of a large audience. Host asked that person to advice the new generation in view of your experiences and observations. That person responded, “I won’t go for a long speech and just advice one thing……… ‘Whatever you do, Do it with perfection (Kamal-e-Husn)’……”

Somebody from audience who (may be) had a grudge against that person, gave a loud comment addressing the personality:

“No matter you are at this high place now, don’t forget that you used to polish the shoes in the city”

That personality responded the commentator by saying:

“Indeed! I have no shame to tell everyone that I used to polish shoes in the city……But do remember that, even at that time there was no one in the city who could polish the shoes with the perfection… that I had”

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  1. محمد سعد

    زبردست! نصیحت اور بیستی ایک ساتھ۔
    2 in 1. 😀

  2. Jingoist

    so true Saad!!
    welcome to my blog!! keep visiting =)

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