Atleast become a Human

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Criticism, Jinguism, life, Pakistan

Truth, Human Rights, Respect etc

are something known to any literate person on the earth. We as a human know how to speak truth, how to give appropriate rights, and how to give respect. Although many of these kind of attributes have been strongly recommended in most of the religion including Islam. However such basic attributes of a Human are not linked with any Religion, Location or culture.

We as a Human must ask these questions to our self. Being a Muslim is something far away. Are we even a Human Being who can answer these questions to our self.

And if we know the answers, why have we kept our ethical values aside?
Why don’t we
show patience while driving ?
stop throwing trash on the roads ?
stop bribing ? and

Why don’t we realize that eventually we have to see our Lord, Allah who is the greatest of all! And that moment will not let us re-think about all we had done.

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  1. naveed ahmad

    bro..i dnt want to offend you or any one in this matter..but you know what all these things can only come in one self when his/her upbringing is done properly..

    Tarbiyat ka boht bada asar hota hai..

  2. Jingoist

    That is so true my brother! And i am not offended by your comment!
    But you gotta believe this to am extent that even though upbringing plays a vital role in the child’s attitude! But don’t you think these attributes can be realised by any person with very basic common sense?

  3. falsa

    I think that you can learn, but environmental factors do play a significant role. We like to ape the masses and then if we lack these values, it becomes a collective attitude. Though religion clearly teaches us this. Sigh.f

  4. jingoist

    @Falsa… you are very right!!
    hum na idhar k hein na udhar k.

    @Mx… kya true true lagayee huwe hai! =D

  5. UTP

    It is a huge thing to come over the following:

    “Nobody is doing it right it so why should I?”

  6. jingoist

    Yesh! and every other person do that by following and watching others.

    All I want to say is, take the initiative and start doing the right things of your own. Their may be people who would follow you as well!

    We are accountable for our own deeds. So why to look for others ?

  7. Americanising Desi

    if we have the realization we wouldnt be alive 🙂

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