The Lucy Pun of John

by on Nov.06, 2009, under Career, Criticism, life

After a long long time, I am back with the tale of John. Though I wish John would be a cheeta and could really have a real tail to wag. Because that is the only thing John can do. It was quite OKAY a few months back when John introduced a new strategy and decided not to let me sit on my seat. I along with one of my mate were asked to meet selected people on regular basis and were made solely responsible.

I didn’t complain because this was eventually making me stay away from John’s extraordinary bright Managerial decisions. I started working with the new strategy for few a few weeks when the other mate of mine started having trouble with his assignment. After all he was the friend of John and John couldn’t see him in the trouble.

Just to bring his friend out of this situation, John decided to throw me in the sinking ship (full of problems) and my sakooon is barbad again! I have no problems in completing any difficult assignments but, I need to know what is the performance evaluation criteria. Its unfair to ease one persons life and throw the other one into titanic.

All I can do is mourn about John’s explicitly biased decisions that have been continuously making my life terrible. May Allah take him to a place where I can’t even hear his voice! Summa Ameen!

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  1. Rambler

    Jingo miyan, yeh kia mazak hai?

    yar bhai remember Iqbal…

    Khuda nay aaj tak us quam ke halat anhi badlee

    There must be away out to make John understand :O

  2. Mx

    Speak up and rise, you are a student of Moiz 😉

  3. jingoist

    Well I am not sure of aftereffects of this (Mx’s) “speak up and rise” walee strategy.

    You won’t believe I am into hectic schedule for about an year… and John is enjoying it =(

  4. Jingoist

    how funny this post was =D

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