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Kehtey hein Umeedein he Na Umeed kartee hein!!

But the fact remains there that NaUmeedi bhee aik Gunah hai!! Any how, a good friend of mine forward this nice song ‘Umeed-e-Seher’ sung by ‘Laal’ (written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz) Monday morning. I had heard it earlier though and it got stuck in to ma mind till when I was thinking to have sweet dreams =)

I couldn’t stop my self and started searching this song. I played it after finding it on YouTube and recalled that video that I had watched earlier. Check out the video!

Its not just about the song but a moral that has been given in this video. A person who is with his dear Mother in the Ambulance, tried his best to request the POLICEMEN to let the Ambulance go, that is stuck in the traffic jam due to a VIP movement. Those morons didn’t listened to that guy and sent him back in front of the crowd and no one moved out of their cars. THAT’S WHAT WE DO IN OUR DAILY LIVES

That guy lost his patience and rushed against the hurdles placed by the security men and Police started beating that poor soul.

Watching that everyone came out from their cars and made a united effort to stop the VIP movement right away and let the Ambulance go. It resulted in the stoppage of the VIP movement and poor soul finally got his civil right and took her mother to the destination.

This isn’t just one example that shows that the unity has its own worth. One of my teacher used to say that 1 remains (1) One unless some other 1 joins, to make it 11 (eleven). We need lots of 1’s and 2’s to bring the change.

Let us stay united and stand in front of all the upcoming hurdles of peace and prosperity. In a hue n cry situation after the thunderstorm that hit Karachi, I really liked a post by a fellow mate at work. Do read it as well

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  1. naveed ahmad

    very touching song and video..
    and yes we must must remain united and 1
    May Allah be our Savior amen

  2. Kiran

    Hi Jingoist!
    I am not sure if you remember the comment about New Year resolution you made on my blog post. You set an alarm for the 31st Dec 2009 to see if I have made any progress. I have revisited my New Year resolutions with updates 😀

  3. Jingoist

    welcome to my blog that hasn’t been updated for a while..

    Lemme go through your revised version of Resolutions 🙂

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