And now the real face of the Dictator

by on Jul.15, 2009, under Criticism, Pakistan, Politics


I have no personal grudge against Former President General (retd) Pervaiz Musharraf and all that I have written is my comment over the statement he has given in front of media during World Economic Forum in Davos.

To all those who consider the former President as very nice and clever person. Please watch this video to clarify as how inhuman mentality he has. He proved it in the unforgettable brutality of his era i.e. Lal masjid incident in which hundreds of children were killed thorugh sulphur bombs. When even their deadbodies got melt with no signs intact.

I literally feel bad about the poor children who did not come under the definition of Musharraf’s very own dictated Human Rights. I wonder why and how people justify such inhuman acts of HIS regime just to tell others that Musharraf was the best.

I really pray that somebody could bring that retarted General to court and Hang him to set an example for the neXt generation.

Note: comments that would offend me would be deleted right away without any notice.

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  1. Leena S

    first of all, i love the note 😛
    now, coming to ur post, Lal Masjid was a complete disaster, he made a blunder and he should accept it but he wont. 10 years of power turned him into just another politician who got absolute power. And we all know that with absolute power comes absolute corruption. Waise, otherwise, i quite like Mush…far more than Za**ari who is nothing but an azaab.

  2. Jingoist

    Thank you for commenting over this post!!
    you are so true about his turn as a politician…

    Secondly I do believe Mushi has done good things in the early days… but wo kehtey hain na “iqtadar ka nashaa” !!
    wo jub sawar ho to kuch dekhayee nae deta!

  3. the.serial.chiller

    Jiyay Musharraf!

    (just checking if this will actually be deleted)

  4. Jingoist

    14 saal qaid ba mushaaqqat ki saza hai bhye is per =D
    Can I ever do such mistake of deleting any comment of serial chiller :O
    aisa hu he na jaye!

  5. Aaqil

    He did really good with laal masjid, otherwise every masjid was going to have their own rules in every town.

  6. jingoist

    Dear Aqeel,
    I wish you could have realized the dignity of masjid and the children inside.

    As per the estimate over 1 thousand students were inside and the whole world didn’t find out their bodies whether they got burnt or melted due to sulphur bombs.

    And keep the religious view aside. I hope you have studied from a prestigious institute my dear fellow,

    Imagine your brother being hurt in a situation like this…. how would you feel ?

    Its not just about Lal Masjid, its about my muslim brothers who got hurt, and thats the reason of my anger towards former president.

    I have no intention of offending you my fellow. You are one of my brother, sooner or later when you would realize what is humanity, the differences of Muslims/Non-muslims/Pakistani/Non-Pakistani would disappear!

    hope you re-think about it! Eid Mubarak!

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