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Many of us have already shared their thoughts of the recent victory of Pakistan. It was a memorable win by Pakistani Cricket Team against Srilanka which is yet another Asian Team, making it very clear around the globe that Asians are too good at this kind of cricket. (including the last world cup b/w Pakistan n India)

Afridi, Gul, Kamran, Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ajmal are all the names that really come with the best of their performances and eventually bringing the World Cup to their homes. It was totaly different experience watching this Final Match at a BIG SCREEN at Carlton Hotel, courtesy of my friend at Geo TV.  Wide Screen, Sound System, Crowd and the Evironment, all perfect for watching this Final Match. People after the match were too damn too excited and happy about the victory. It was good to see Karachites out of their homes, roaming around the city with literally no threat in their minds.

Celebrations like these show as how united and peaceful we are Alhumdulillah. Its just that a few blacksheeps have been creating descriminating thoughts among this truly alive Nation.

May Allah give them peace in their minds and make them think wisely. If not, Allah please make us get rid of these culprits. May Allah, bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan and we stay united as ONE SINGLE NATION.

I don’t really get time to write much now and try reading blogs I know. Just like that i was going through different blogs and found  this_1 and this_2 n this_3 (this post contains more pictures to watch and enjoy the victory)  interesting and worth sharing. Hope you like them!

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  1. Em

    Hey, nice post! (: Btw, you linked to the wrong post. “this_2” should be: http://www.axdimensions.com/2009/06/the-victory-was-celebrated-all-over-twitter-pakcricket/

  2. Leena S

    its important to get crazy once in a while…and we did just that 😀

  3. jingoist

    @Em… no I have linked the right one 🙂

    @Khurruam… hehe yeah dude… welcome to my blog..

    @Leena… Leena… han han I can see that =D but ye khushee kisee aur cheez ki lag rahee hai ajj kal =D

    @Billu… thanks dude.. keep visiting 🙂

  4. AD

    in the midst of the mad celebration a few died.. and now no one talks about em!

  5. YWB

    i remember wen ma fav hockey team won me n ma frds got crazy….. had tons of fun 😀

    mubarak ho bohat bohat

  6. jingoist

    @AD… I feel sorry for them AD.. I really appreciate that you pointed out this thing. But trust me I didn’t know k something like this would happen in this truly mad celebration. The responsible guyz should be punished for sure… =(

    @YWB.. thanks

  7. Rambler

    Aray wah..must have been real good watching all the action on a big screen:)

  8. jingoist

    yeah it was fun to watch that much on big screen with nice crowd =D

  9. Leana

    Visited your blog through Digg. You know I will be subscribing to your rss feed.

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