Widespread Violence in Karachi

by on Apr.30, 2009, under Criticism, Pakistan

Unpleasantly specifying, at least 25 people have been killed and about 40 have been injured since the start of violent activities yesterday in Karachi.This situation is quite unexpected yet so depressing to discuss with any one. The controversial topic of Pashtun or Taliban is getting into the situation that isn’t been controlled by the law enforcing agencies(Although I am not sure whether they are even intending to do it or not). Since I had slept last night, I got about 10 SMS either to inquire about me or informing to take precautionary measures before leaving home.

Those who creating this chaotic situation, I am sure doesn’t belong to ethnic race of Pakistan. These riots are literal anti-pakistan group, intending to affect all the activities happening in Pakistan at domestic and international level. It is indeed embarrassing for the organizers to announce yet another postponement of their event.

Those who are somehow affiliated with FAST NU must be knowing that PROCOM.NET 2009 was first postponed to the next day. However I was just informed that PROCOM would just be a single day event due to the problematic situation. No one can imagine the efforts that would have been done by the student body for the two PROCOM days, that turned out to be an event of 1 day make them literally disappointed.

All exams under Intermediate board have also been postponed because of this situation. All business activities remain suspended today and even the Bank Personnel left at around 2 pm.

This is very well known hadith which has the moral that “Ruler of any place is as per the deeds of the citizens living in that place”. This implies that, a ruler of us can only be good if we are good as well. And If we would remain the same and won’t re-evaluate ourselves in terms of our religious and social activities, trust me nothing is going to change regardless of changing the current president to another.

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  1. naved ahmad

    i agree my friend nothing is gona happen until and unless we change out self,, and very sorry to say we have gone way to far..the hadith is very true and is showing it authentication in the form of our leaders

    hoping and praying for the best

  2. Asma Ahsan

    Hi Ahsan. Nice blog! 🙂 Very well categorised.

    I was in Karachi for three years – I saw the oil spill there as well as quite a few violent sequences. I admire the way the Karachi locals bounce back!

    I have always worried about the security issues in Karachi. I really wish that things could calm down in there so that people can have a normal life!

    So far, Pakistan is in a turmoil from its head to its feet! Serious steps need to be taken to put things back in order! But can the government do it – that is the real challenge!

  3. jingoist

    yeah my friend… we gotta improve our self!! and InshAllah we will.

    @Asma Ahsan..
    Welcome janab! & thank you for all that complimentary words 🙂

    Don’t you worry about Karachites bhyee.. bhai log ka kuch nae huney wala hehe!!
    btw so far the situation isn’t too good and with fingers crossed, we are starring at govt too.. (actuall no other choice)

    And yes if we think the govt isn’t right ? then its cuz we aren’t right either. Cuz they have been chosen from our votes too!..
    so who should be blamed for the ineligibles?

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