And the situation continues.. II

by on Feb.07, 2009, under Career, Criticism, life

It was damn too funny when I saw the face expressions of John, curious yet confuse as what is happening inside the box. I am sure he wasn’t surprise as why I am inside but for a person who know is a culprit gets worried about everything 🙂

The situation that I discussed earlier hasn’t changed so far and John is at his best with his typical commands and decisions. Even if things get settled now, I would probably not forgive him for making me lose three of my fellows. I am kind of frustrated or rather desperate now to end up this situation by any means because I don’t want to bear the scars any more.

Its time to revive the situation now. I would use every possible way to resolve this crap. I wish 360 and the peace talks could help me out or otherwise I will get retarded due to severe Mental disorder.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Rambler

    Hmm..I’m quite saddened after reading it. Sometimes i get the feeling 3 of you and i talk about two different places, work ethics when infact we are discussing the same place. In my time i’ve seen things get resolved or getting way outta hand of which you’ve an experience too. A word of advice and caution: when they say the environment is ‘open’ they really mean it-trust me! Let me know if i can help in any way. And best of luck:)

  2. Partner in crime

    @jingoist: arey mera bhai…. i feel your pain…

    @Rambler: The feelin is not just a feelin, its the reality… paradise n hell…

    2ndly ‘open’ here has a totally different meaning trust me!!!

    help cant be provided that’s wat i have experienced!!!

  3. Dinky Mind

    Update, Jingo bhai 🙂

  4. notBeingHeardYet

    Friends are so worthy and dear – if you lose them – you are sad – it’s the worst thing to happen i.e. to loose a friend – and if you know who’s responsible – you really want revenge.

    3 friends gone due to the same guy – is there no one watching, realizing WHATS GOING ON –

    see not being heard ………. So many things happen, sky fall and earth thrills, STILL not being heard yet

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