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by on Jan.24, 2009, under appreciate, World

I had been thinking of changing the theme of my WordPress blog. Every time it came into my mind, I started searching for a good theme. Specially while browsing the other blogs I was more interested in getting the link of the developer rather then reading ..*!@&#!*@&#@!#&)(!@#^&*@!#…
(Sorry for interruption)

Alright, so holy slowly I kept on searching the theme for about 2 months and then finally I decided to browse through the themes on wordpress.org in their featured projects.

After my AN-THUK hardwork Pixeled Theme designed by Uncle SAM inspired me with its not very simple but unique outlook. A few points that I kept in my mind while choosing this theme was its design, large area for the text-post, better readability and of course a nice footer to play with ads *wink*

By the way that is not it. I have also upgraded my WordPress from 2.6 to 2.7 which has made my back-office operations much more smoother. Its not that difficult to upgrade from any of the WordPress version. You better go through the tutorial and upgrade your wordpress 🙂

You definitely gonna love it! Hail the WordPress Team

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14 comments for this entry:
  1. Em

    Your theme looks amazing (: Err.. but categories are coming in 2 lines :S

  2. Jingoist

    yeah I figured out this thing in the very first glance… But as usual.. as i took so long to pick up a theme I would take a bit time to fix that too =D

    Thanks for liking it any how =P

  3. Fadey

    ur theme is cool mashALLAH

  4. jingoist

    Thanks dudddee!! *wink*

  5. Rambler

    Amazing theme 🙂 (y)

    “Hail the WordPress Team”

    Only when they allow us (domain-less bloggers) to set customized themes 😛

  6. Rambler

    And hey I loved the “few highly recommended friends” 🙂

  7. YouTee

    woo!! that’s awesome theme , just giving a thought of Vista feel into blog … nice Mashallah

  8. Nikki

    Ohhh now this is one neat theme 😛 Good Choice 😉

  9. Asma

    Vista-ish look is quite nice actually… WordPress rocks.

    Juts its eating lots of comments these days 🙂

  10. UTP

    not bad…not bad at all…

  11. jingoist

    @Asma: waisey I didn’t chose it cuz of the vista-ish look.

    @UTP: Umer bhai (!=bad and !=bad) = Good ?

  12. YouTee

    you have tagged !! chk it out my blog!!


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