A depressing weekend..

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It’s been many days to Israeli attacks now. The death count has been increasing every now and then. Unfortunately the attitude of the Muslims Countries including Pakistan, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia has been very discouraging. 

Americans as usual showed their typical diplomatic attitude and VITO-ing the resolution against Israel not realizing the fact how much destruction this war could cause in Palestine. But, do you even think Israel would have stopped if this resolution could have been approved in the General Council Session? NO. The whole world observed what America did after the resolution of attacking IRAQ was declined by the General Council. We all know what India has been doing in Kashmir, regardless of what UN resolutions state.

Even then, when the same General Council directs Pakistani Govt to cease any Organization in Pakistan, We are always ahead to do that. If Americans ask us to attack this group of People, just because thousands of miles away some of the Americans are in danger, we are always ahead to that.  The current situation of Gaza, Palestine is quite critical. The death toll has increased to 900 =( And what our so called Muslim leaders are doing… trying to get a resolution passed in UNO, calling an urgent session of OIC, REQUESTION the TERRORIST ISRAELI’s to cease fire. Trust me its all very depressing.

I just got a text message last night to vote on a POLL going on a website HERE. You are also requested to spare 2 minutes of yours and vote for the Palestine. I would also like to share the currents stas of the Poll. 


Stats of the Polls

Stats of the Polls

The above snapshot is the current situation of the POLL going on that website. Many people blame BUSH & Co. for being against the Muslims however these stats depict the real hatred of users who have voted from USA/Israel making it quite evident that the real hateness exist in the citizens of USA (so called peace lovers)

Any how, You must have been receiving a lot of emails though but lets just request you again. All these depressing moments are the EYE OPENERS. Let’s just not blame our government and step ahead to destroy USA & ISRAEL by: 

– Not going to any America/Israeli based Franchise Restaurant (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc.)
– Not using America/Israeli products (That includes chocolates, Dairy, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages)
– Stop using America/Israeli goods

We all know that boycott to Danish and Dutch products had really affected their economy. Let’s just take your step ahead and fight on this Platform. Let’s just pray altogether that we all could see the demolishing economy of America and Israel in the next few years.

God Bless all of you.

Just got a chance to watch a poem by an innocent Palestini Girl. Do Watch it By Clicking Here
or you can play it directly.

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  1. Rambler

    I wonder when will we (the Muslims) will wake up from our slumber? Right now, non-Arab and non-Muslims countries are trying more to stop the war then us. Hugo Chavez sent the Israeli ambassador back home; Nicolas Sarkozy started pressing for ending the attack; while we, the Muslim countries called for a meeting to discuss the situation on 19th of Jan which is still a week away!

  2. Saqib

    Muslims were promised “Divine Intervention” from God for Jihad… and history has proven that the only reason for the absence of it has always been betrayal from within the ranks…
    When everyone knows that Israel depends on imports from Muslim countries for every thing from oil to food supplies, and there is not even a talk about a peaceful boycott
    (in fact quite the contrary:
    Then sadly there’s no saving the Palestinians or not a day far from now… Pakistan!

  3. Asma

    Thought to share this piece of information too …

  4. jingoist

    Dear Asma,

    I had a look on what you just pointed out… and I knew for the fact that this website will have no impression on the current situation.

    And do you think this poll could have much importance then the UN Resolution ??

    I don’t want any forum to be left alone for Palestine… lets just win every other war either military or cyber …

  5. Nikki

    People everywhere are passing petitions and polls, but still there isnt any peace in the region. America and Israel are the real Don type things. Creating a havoc all over the world like the underworld agents who can never be caught or locked up. Nobody can grab their collar they say DUDE! thats enough now. Nobody has the guts to do that. US is run by Israel even US cant say NO to Israel. We need a proper strategy we need unity, which are failing to provide anywhere. We are sleeping when US attacked Afghanistan, sleeping at the time of Iraq War and still unaware of what is happening is Palestine. And Kashmirs issues is out of the list for our officials now.

  6. jingoist

    Lets just spread the word… and get united on one single platform being a Muslim

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