Mr. 10 % to Mr. Hot

by on Sep.25, 2008, under Pakistan, Politics

Heh, sounds funny but thats true. Mr. 10 % found to be flirting with Aunty Palin =D

Its all comment less. Go through the following news reported by Los Angeles Times Blog & CNN. 




Just another news being reported as EVENING SPECIAL (The Local News Paper)

Have Fun!

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  1. Rambler

    “If he’s insisting, I might hug.”

    When he gave his excellent comments at Quaid mazar on 14th Aug, it was reported that since he suffers from mental imbalance (sure way to get acquitted in trails), the writing ability gets effected!! Doesn’t seem his communication skills has suffered 😛

  2. Saud

    All he asked was for a HUG.

    Who knows, this could have led to better, deeper, more personal (and fruitful) relationship between the two (countries/ppl/them).

    Plus, it would have really given him a helping hand in gettin over the loss of his wife too 😛

  3. R.Sameem

    Wow…poor chap trying to see if he can get his rusted charm to work some magic…but oh a ladies man he is not!! (you are more beautiful tha…bla bla bla—-ewe who uses those cheesy lines anyway :-@ )

    btw i think Palin should start taking a hijab of sorts….she IS pretty…and tht hijab thing would definitely win her a favor or two in the Middle east too 😛

  4. the.serial.chiller

    Hahaha.. priceless!

    He is such a complete comprehensive moron!

  5. Muhammad Abdullah

    All I can say is …. Flirting at the Highest Level of Democratic Position

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