Why not as a Pakistani ?

by on Aug.28, 2008, under Criticism, Jinguism, Pakistan

Since I passed out my High School, Alhumdulillah I never got a chance to get my self through the quota system of our country. For instance, while applying in the Karachi University it was something new for me to know that KU has a quota for all the provinces, with respect to its popultion/area (I am not sure).

Let me just clarify, I don’t have any intentions to make any differences among the rights of Provincial System. I am just giving a thought to what I visualize for my Best-Pakistan =). Those who don’t like it. Better read the About Me Page.

This quota system is not just around the educational institutions of government but, everyother organization that has to be dealt with the government is being suffered from this quota culture. 


The question asked by the kid (up there in the attached picture) seems quite understandable. Brother is something ‘poles apart’; today we are not in a situation to call our self to be a single nation.

The poor kid just had a question but I have un-countable.
Till when we are going to fight for our provincial rights? 
Why even we ask for a quota that enriches the feeling of provincial discrimination?  
What are the reasons that discriminate us due to geographical differences?
Why don’t we recognize our selves as a single Nation? Why ?

Why not as a Pakistani?


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  1. R.Sameem

    Tell me about it…y do v have to divide ourselves in categories and then live at loggerheads with each other??

    So wht if i am Punjabi, Sindi, Pushto or balochi…we still belong together all the same…however i can see tht our generation has somewaht started to realize this and has smudged these demarcations a bit…small however it’s still a start! 🙂

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  3. Shayne Shields


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