10% to 100%

by on Aug.24, 2008, under Criticism, Jinguism, Pakistan, Politics

A person who is well known as Mr. 10% now wants to become Mr.100% =). Who knew the person who has several charges upon him in the context of curruption will now be our next President. Its just another sad story to bear by any of the true Nationalist.

A few people still morn about the resignation of our ex-president giving a very lame reason that he was better then any other upcoming President. But does that really mean we should keep on bearing such people who are comparitively LESS BAD. I just don’t know why? Why can’t we become perfectionist. Why can’t we go for a person who is too Good!

One of the reason that has been stated in a well known hadith that “Your Ruler will be assigned as per your deeds“, which apparently seems quite obvious these days. Poor presidency, again to be handed over to a person who is not even respected around his country. I am sure his 10% commission will increase enormously with no check-n-balance upon him. He would feel himself to be the master of his faith once the presidency is handed over to him.

I beleive Ex-President’s resignation was a TREND set by this Nation by getting rid of a person who isn’t being liked around the country. And this is not it, I am hopeful that this Nation would take a stand again to make the 10% Man move towards the gate of EXIT.

All we could do is unite and have a faith, trust and true beleive on our selves. Because unity is something that could bring a revolution among us. Unite for the Justice, Unite for making Mr. 10% to zEr0, Unite for making this piece of world to be the Land of Peace and not the least unite for becoming a NATION for which we could just dreamt for =)

Fi Amanillah!

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  1. Ammar Faheem

    tu baaz nahi ayega na? banda bata to deta hai apne blog ka :@

  2. Jingoist

    Lolz… I used to write blogs for myself..
    But now I am gonna change it!!


    jamhuriat kisi sai poochti nahi sirf batati hai-Zardari

    aur us nai bata dia!

  4. united4justice

    ahsan your post was da last one i tried to share after writing a post on election and then i realized dat wordpress has blocked content uploading for my blog.

    “Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.”

    dats wot dai call freedom of expression

  5. Jingoist

    @ unite4Justice

    Its really sad to hear that my dear fellow! I believe this blockage should be protested world wide since WORDPRESS isn’t the part of PAKISTAN’s so called FREEDOM of EXPRESSIONS

  6. 10% to 100% | Tea Break

    […] source:jingoism.freehostia.com […]

  7. Rukhpar Mor

    Itne comments dekhe….
    samajh nahin ayee ke kya pheken…lol
    never mind….
    mere blog pe to koi nahin comment karta….
    achha vaisey i am a bit slow yeh 10% kon hai….

  8. Ammar Faheem

    I’m afraid we’re under a worst form of dictatorship now – Pakistan is under feudal grip now, isn’t that true?

  9. Thad Horne


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