Jangu-ism or Jingu-ism

by on Mar.10, 2008, under Blogs I Follow, Criticism, Jinguism, Pakistan, Politics


It’s just not the story of any single person I meet everyday; although I have started my campaign with the people who are less aware of the real facts.

Ofcourse this media war has just created another frsutration in an environment like this. Its strange when every other news paper does the same and dont get banned. However when a TV channel does the same, it gets banned all over the country. Now I have seen the cyberspace to be poluted by different people (who are definitely the govt representatives) giving them impression as if they are creating frsutration amongs the people of People of Pakistan.

But still I couldn’t find the answer as why it has been banned across Pakistan ? is their any other Pakistan existing outside this south asia? in europe ? in USA or Canada?

So hatred these people are when calling our people, illetrate and Jahil… duh!!!

 Though the upper part of the was written in the days when emergency was imposed but more or less people around us are pretty much same. Same thinking of running n running away. looosers aint they!!

For them staying in Pakistan is Jangu-ism… and for me surely its Jinguism… Pak i love you so very much!!!!

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