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Yet another bad score by Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf to the political system of Pakistan. Second of Chief of Army Staff and 4th for the whole nation to obserev emergency been imposed, n the most recently 3rd November.

This time the PCO brought up with the dismissal of all the judges of Supreme Court and High Courts. In addition to that the dictatorial rule has banned all the local media in order to hide the truth from the very-poor-and-frustrated-nation.

 This was not it, when all the judges were home-arrested for the reason of not supporting a dictator. All the political leaders are imprisoned for the reason that YOU HAVE NO BASIC RIGHTS.  heh!

Imran Khan, the former Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team who led Pakistani team to brought up the World Cup to their Homes, and the President of a political party namely “Tehreek-e-Insaf”, is still to be arrested when he found to be missing while being raided at his own home.  

While I was looking back in the history of Pakistan which had been scarifying the mixture of Democracy, Martial Laws, Dictatorial Rules, and Emergencies, I was cursing its luck to be very unlucky to have such un-ethical political leaders.

I felt proud when the student of LUMS and FAST were on the roads to register themselves in the protest against this un-lawful-act of the government. Poor those political people who have been the victim Police torture for the reason of coming out on the roads and protesting against a Dictator. 

I fear for the economy due to the current situation, since we have already observed a market crash just after the imposition of PCO of -600 in the KSE. I fear for the consequences that are more to come. I fear for the more suicide bombings that could lead more killings against killings. I fear for more strikes and protest that are going to happen. I fear for more torture that has been done by the cruel police men against rallies, n I certainly am very afraid for my loveable Pakistan. 

I feel so sorry for my country, who must have expected a much better state then a place of MUSICAL-CHAIR-OF-PRESIDENT that gets a very childish troubled at the end of the music track.  It could have been a place of eagles, which could spread its wings in the land of peace and calmness. The eagles that could fly so high yet low near the hearts of the nation. From north to south, n from the Mountains of nanga parbat to the Arabian sea the wind could have blown which could feel the pain of each citizen living over here.  

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